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Signs of Revival in Irish Linen Trade: Queen Alexandra's Appeal Spurs Support for Local Products |

Signs of Revival in Irish Linen Trade: Queen Alexandra’s Appeal Spurs Support for Local Products

The linen trade in the Emerald Isle is showing promising signs of rejuvenation, a development that comes in the wake of Queen Alexandra’s appeal for the support of home-made goods by both locals and outsiders. If the King were to follow suit and make a public stop in Dundee to endorse the city’s jute carpets or even casually mention hessian, the communities there could share the same joy and optimism as the Irish from Limerick.

This resurgence in the Irish linen industry highlights the powerful influence of royal endorsements in promoting local products and industries. Queen Alexandra’s call to action has had a tangible impact, boosting the sales and morale of artisans and business owners in Ireland as they see the fruits of their labour being recognized and appreciated.

The potential visit of the King to Dundee to acknowledge their jute carpets and hessian could similarly bolster the city’s economy and local pride. Such an endorsement could lead to increases in demand, production, and job opportunities in the jute industry, providing a significant uplift to the city and its residents.

Moreover, this renewed interest in locally produced goods strengthens the sense of community, as individuals rally behind their artisans and manufacturers to support and celebrate their products. These endorsements not only foster economic growth but also nurture pride in the rich history, culture, and skills unique to different regions. As the public takes notice of the regrowth in the Irish linen trade and the possibility of a similar revival in Dundee, similar industries across the country may be inspired to seek similar support, ensuring that their traditional products and crafts continue to flourish.

Dundee Evening Post – Friday 01 November 1901

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