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Limerick Update: Artisans' Dwellings, St. John's Hospital, Cork Exhibition, and Regatta | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Update: Artisans’ Dwellings, St. John’s Hospital, Cork Exhibition, and Regatta

The growing sentiment in Limerick is that the Corporation should unanimously accept the offer from the Artisans’ Dwellings Company, as suggested by the Bishop, to better the living conditions of the workers in the city.

In other Limerick news, the annual account statement presented at the Governors of St. John’s Hospital meeting reveals a £1,903 debt. The interest on this overdraft of around £100 a year, if cleared, could go towards patient care instead. To address this financial issue, a meeting of governors and friends of St. John’s is set to be held in September to make preparations for a Fête next year in aid of the hospital.

With the Cork Exhibition now providing cheaper excursion fares, Limerick residents are expected to flock to the event. Large crowds are anticipated for next week’s International Boat Race, where the Shannon Rowing Club is predicted to perform well.

Recently, the Limerick Pipers’ Club organized a river excursion to Kilkee, with step-dancing and singing on deck during the four-hour journey. The event in Kilkee, overseen by Father Clancy, featured recitations, Irish music, and dancing, with participants showcasing impressive Irish dancing skills.

In response to the Limerick Guardians’ hesitance in providing accommodation for probationer nurses at the Workhouse, concerned citizens are urging them not to let false economy concerns influence their decision. The benefits of training nurses, they argue, far outweigh any objections that could be raised against the proposal.

Meanwhile, a complaint brought to the Limerick Guardians meeting by Mr Dalton demands immediate attention. He described a manhole of a sewer placed directly in front of the children’s refectory door in the workhouse, with a waste pipe carrying away sewer gas reaching only a few feet above the ground level. The need to address this problem as soon as possible is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of the children.

The Limerick Amateur Athletic and Bicycle Club has scheduled its annual sports event for September 3rd, with no earlier date deemed convenient. Moreover, the city is eagerly anticipating the International Boat Race, with many eager to see if the prestigious Shannon Rowing Club can claim the International Cup.

Lastly, today’s Limerick Regatta saw an impressive turnout and a myriad of events enjoyed by participants and spectators alike. The Mayor and Councillor urge large establishments to close early to allow hard-working employees to partake in the city’s recreational offerings.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 19 July 1902