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Countess of Dudley Opens Annual Irish Industries Exhibition and Sale in Limerick |

Countess of Dudley Opens Annual Irish Industries Exhibition and Sale in Limerick

The Countess of Dudley recently attended a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Soldiers and Sailors Help Society in Dublin Castle. She was named President of the Ladies’ Working Guild, while the Lord-Lieutenant became President of the Gentlemen’s Clothing Guild. These Guilds aim to provide quality clothing to sick and disabled soldiers.

The Viceregal party visited the Earl and Countess of Dunraven at Adare Manor. The house party included Lady Aileen Wyndham, the Knight of Glin, the Hon. D. Lawless, Miss Corcoran, Miss Strutt, Lord and Lady Barrymore, and others.

The annual Irish Industries Exhibition and Sale, held at the Athenaeum in Limerick, was opened by the Countess of Dudley. The exhibition showcased exquisite laces, embroideries, brass and iron works, and beautifully carved woodwork as well as the now-famous Irish tweeds. The successful exhibition highlighted the exceptional work that the Countess of Aberdeen started years ago.

The Countess of Dudley, along with others from the Adare Manor house party, visited the exhibition. She was warmly received by the Mayor of Limerick, the High Sheriff for Limerick, Sir Vincent Nash, Mr William Stokes, Mr Alexander Shaw, Mr Doyle, and County-Inspector Hayes. The band of the Liverpool Regiment played the National Anthem, and a guard of honourwas present.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 22 November 1902

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