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"Devoted Admirer of Cleeves Chocolates Bemoans Their Absence in Cork" |

“Devoted Admirer of Cleeves Chocolates Bemoans Their Absence in Cork”

A dedicated enthusiast of Cleeves chocolates, John O’Connell, has voiced his dismay regarding the conspicuous absence of these Limerick-based confectionery delights in the city of Cork. This lamentable situation persists despite Cleeves’ triumphant exhibition at the recent Cork Exhibition, during which O’Connell testified that these chocolates bore a likeness in quality to some of the most exquisite English confections.

O’Connell went on to express his frustration at his futile attempts to secure Cleeves chocolates from several prominent establishments in Cork. On each occasion, he was met with the same discouraging response – no representative from the Cleeves brand had ever graced their doorstep, and customers seldom inquired about the product. O’Connell’s observations are further echoed by local vendors who also noted the glaring absence of any advertising endeavours undertaken by Cleeves in newspapers.

This predicament is illustrative of a pervasive issue confronting numerous manufacturers, whereby their failure to adeptly promote their products hampers their ability to establish a foothold in the market and extend their reach to a wider clientele. High-quality merchandise such as Cleeves chocolates, despite their merits, finds itself struggling to gain recognition in the marketplace and reach a more extensive audience. The unmistakable imperative, in such cases, lies in the hands of manufacturers, who must earnestly invest in targeted advertising initiatives and formulate expansion strategies to ensure that their products can be savoured by a broader demographic, thereby contributing to the overall growth of local industries.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 07 February 1903

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