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Tragic Accident: Groom Fatally Crushed by Train at Limerick Station – Limerick Archives

Tragic Accident: Groom Fatally Crushed by Train at Limerick Station

In a tragic turn of events, 40-year-old groom John McDonnell lost his life in a shocking accident at Limerick Station. McDonnell was biding farewell to his departing friends, shaking hands with them while standing too close to the moving train. As he was caught by the train, he was horrifically dragged along the platform, sustaining severe injuries to the lower part of his body.

Witnesses to the incident claim the scene was heart-wrenching as fellow passengers and railway staff rushed to assist McDonnell. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries and passed away shortly after the accident. The incident has left friends, family, and onlookers in shock, mourning the devastating loss.

This tragedy raises important questions about safety measures at railway stations in Ireland and the need for stricter adherence to guidelines, not only for passengers but also for station staff. The incident highlights the importance of maintaining a safe distance from moving trains on platforms—an essential precaution that can help prevent such terrible accidents from occurring in the future.

Authorities are currently investigating the details of the accident, looking into the circumstances that led to the grievous mishap. Additionally, they aim to devise new preventive measures to ensure the safety of passengers while boarding or alighting from trains, as well as promoting awareness on following railway safety protocols among travelers.

As we mourn the loss of John McDonnell, his untimely and tragic accident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of railway safety measures and the need for all passengers to remain vigilant and cautious near moving trains, ensuring the safety of themselves and others.

Loftus Advertiser – Friday 17 April 1903