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Gerald Griffin's Centenary Sheds Light on Little-Known Encounter with Thomas Moore |

Gerald Griffin’s Centenary Sheds Light on Little-Known Encounter with Thomas Moore

As the centenary of the birth of Irish poet Gerald Griffin approaches, preparations are underway in his native city of Limerick for a fitting commemoration. This occasion has brought to light a little-known incident involving another renowned poet, Thomas Moore. In 1832, Griffin, acting as the spokesperson for a delegation chosen by the citizens of Limerick, traveled to London with the aim of convincing Moore to stand for the city in the Repeal interest.

Thomas Moore, the celebrated author of the Melodies, expressed his regret at declining the honourbestowed upon him. He cited reasons of ill-health and existing responsibilities that prevented him from accepting the invitation. However, Moore made it clear that he sympathized wholeheartedly with the National party of Ireland at that time.

This revelation adds an intriguing layer to the connection between two significant figures in Irish literature. While the specific details of their interaction during the London meeting are not provided in the report, it is clear that Griffin believed Moore’s involvement in the Repeal movement would have been a considerable asset.

The approaching centenary of Gerald Griffin’s birth serves as an opportunity to reflect on his contributions to Irish literature and to acknowledge the connections he forged with other notable figures of his time. The incident involving Thomas Moore highlights the sense of unity and shared ideals within the National party, as well as the recognition of Moore’s stature as an influential voice in Irish culture.

As Limerick prepares to honourGerald Griffin’s legacy, it is worth noting the rich tapestry of interactions and alliances that existed among the literary figures of the era. The commemorative events will provide an occasion for the community to celebrate Griffin’s life and work while deepening their understanding of the historical context in which he thrived.

Sheerness Guardian and East Kent Advertiser – Saturday 28 November 1903

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