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Jewish Business Practices In Limerick: Strong Accusations By Rev. Father Creagh, C.SS.R. |

Jewish Business Practices In Limerick: Strong Accusations By Rev. Father Creagh, C.SS.R.

During the weekly gathering of the Arch-Confraternity last night, the members were presented with shocking statements from the Rev. Father Creagh, the Spiritual Director, concerning Jewish business activities in Limerick. Father Creagh, addressing the attendees, raised the question of Christian charity. He emphasized that while we are bound by the law of Jesus Christ to love all individuals and treat them as brothers, it does not mean we should disregard the law of self-preservation. While personal sacrifice is sometimes necessary, the well-being of the community should never be compromised. When faced with a common danger, it is our duty to avert it and protect ourselves.

Father Creagh then expressed his concern about the growing influence of Jewish moneylenders and merchants in Limerick. He referred to the historical conflict between the Jews and Christians, highlighting instances where Jews persecuted and even killed Christians, such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the martyrdom of saints. Although they no longer engage in such extreme acts, they continue to exploit and victimize others, especially in the realm of business.

Twenty years ago, the Jews arrived in Limerick in a pitiable state, but they have since enriched themselves, acquiring significant property in the city. They have infiltrated various industries, including furniture, mineral water, milk, and drapery trades, often operating under Irish names. Father Creagh cited a recent newspaper article describing an extravagant Jewish wedding, where a stark contrast was noted between the poverty-stricken Jews outside the synagogue and the opulence displayed by those inside. The disparity in appearance speaks volumes about their economic transformation.

Father Creagh proceeded to expose some of the Jews’ business practices. He mentioned how they go door-to-door, selling items at inflated prices, taking advantage of people’s ignorance. They employ persuasive tactics, often targeting vulnerable individuals who struggle to pay for the goods they are coerced into buying. The Jews offer installment plans, trapping people in a cycle of debt, and resorting to legal action when payments are not met. The Mayor’s Court of Conscience or other courts handle these cases, leading to judgments in favor of the Jews, resulting in the seizure and sale of property to satisfy the debts.

Women in households often bear the brunt of the Jews’ tactics, as they are the ones coerced into making payments secretly, fearing their husbands’ disapproval. Transactions take place discreetly, in the shadows of night, to avoid detection. Father Creagh mentioned the significant number and diverse backgrounds of individuals observed entering and exiting prominent Jewish residences, alluding to the clandestine nature of these transactions.

Father Creagh concluded his remarks by highlighting the Jewish presence in the Mayor’s Court, asserting that it often felt like a court designed solely for the benefit of the Jews. He claimed to possess a document containing a comprehensive list of summonses issued by the Jews over the past two years, indicating the extent of their legal pursuits. While he did not disclose the specifics, he emphasized the frequency and amount of these summonses.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 January 1904

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