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A Highly Successful Meeting Of Limerick Industrial Association |

A Highly Successful Meeting Of Limerick Industrial Association

A highly successful meeting of the Limerick Industrial Association took place on Monday at the Chamber of Commerce. The Mayor presided over the meeting and began by emphasizing the association’s enduring presence. He encouraged those elected to the committee to be proactive in their roles, stating that if the association were to achieve its commendable and significant goals, they must be dedicated workers. The Mayor expressed his belief that Irish people should draw inspiration from the English people’s tenacity of purpose and strive to benefit from their example. He concluded by affirming that there was ample work to be done and various avenues to accomplish it, confidently asserting that the recently initiated movement would become a prominent influence in national life.

Following these remarks, the meeting proceeded with the election of officers and committee members. The Mayor was unanimously elected as President, and Mr A.W. Shaw, Sir Thomas Cleeve, Mr D.L. Roche, and Mr E.J. Long were chosen as Vice-Presidents. On the proposal of Mr D.L. Roche, which received proper seconding, it was decided that the Munster and Leinster Bank would serve as treasurers for the association. The meeting unanimously agreed that the current honourary secretaries would continue in their positions until a paid secretary was appointed. Recognizing the burden shouldered by the two honourary secretaries in successfully establishing the association, it was deemed unfair to leave the entire workload to them.

A committee was subsequently elected, and several important suggestions were put forth during the meeting. These suggestions will be taken up by the committee in their next gathering. Further details regarding the practical aspects of the meeting will be featured in the upcoming issue.

The Limerick Industrial Association aims to promote industrial development and economic progress in the region. With the dedicated participation of its officers, committee members, and supporters, the association strives to create opportunities, foster collabouration, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the local economy.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 26 January 1904

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