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A Lively Scene At Council Meeting |

A Lively Scene At Council Meeting

Chairman: At the meeting of the Limerick No. 1 District Council on Saturday, Mr C. McNamara presiding. Mr Hourigan proposed that a date be set for receiving representation forms for the eighth scheme of labourer’s cottages. Mr Lynch seconded the resolution. The Chairman expressed no objection to the resolution but suggested waiting for the introduction of the new Act in Parliament to potentially save expenses in the procedure. Mr Lynch argued that the Act would be passed by the House of Commons.

Mr Hourigan presented some observations to Mr Hickey, to which the Chairman interrupted. Mr O’Farrell pointed out that an outsider was allowed to speak, and the Chairman should not interfere with Mr Hickey. The Chairman asserted his authority and refused to be dictated to by Mr O’Farrell. Mr O’Farrell argued that another outsider was allowed to speak. The Chairman stated his willingness to give Mr Hickey latitude but would not accept Mr O’Farrell’s dictation.

Mr Mulqueen insisted that the Chairman should be respected. Mr Hourigan insisted that the Chairman should receive the resolution. The Chairman clarified that he had no objections and claimed to be as good a friend to the labourers as anyone else present. Mr Ryland supported the Chairman, stating that he should not be dictated to. The Chairman reiterated his commitment to the labourers’ cause.

Mr O’Farrell accused the Chairman of mistreating Mr Hickey. The Chairman responded that he was not going to mistreat him until Mr O’Farrell interfered. He suggested that it would be time enough for Mr O’Farrell to be in his position. Mr O’Farrell made derogatory remarks about the Chairman, who responded by expressing gratitude for the insinuations. The Chairman then left the chair, declining the Council’s solicitations to retake it.

Mr Moloney called on Mr O’Farrell to apologize to the Chairman. Mr O’Farrell claimed he didn’t mean anything and only spoke up when the Chairman interrupted Mr Hickey. The Chairman refused to accept the apology, regarding it with contempt for the manner in which it was given. Mr Mulqueen moved to adjourn the meeting for a fortnight, which was seconded by Mr D. O’Brien. The meeting was subsequently adjourned for a fortnight.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 08 March 1904

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