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Land Sessions: Judge Adams Upholds Land Act, Rejects Failure Claims |

Land Sessions: Judge Adams Upholds Land Act, Rejects Failure Claims

The Limerick Quarter Sessions today saw Judge Adams preside over a series of applications concerning fair rents under the Land Act. Despite some challenges, Judge Adams dismissed claims of failure regarding the legislation’s implementation.

The first case brought before the court involved Elizabeth Harrold as the landlord and Valentine Ryan as the tenant. The disputed lands, located in Coolriree, measured approximately £2 10s 01p in area. The rent was set at £3 15s 01, while the tenement valuation stood at £1 5s. Mr John Ryan, representing the tenant, argued for a valuation of around 15s for 5p of land. After hearing the evidence presented by Mr Dorgan on behalf of the landlord, Court Valuer Major Kenny noted that a portion of the holding contained ornamental timber. The case was adjourned to the next sessions, along with another application involving the same parties. Mr Hastings, the solicitor, appeared for the tenant, while Mr Kearney, B.L., represented the landlord.

In another case, Richard M. S. Maunsell acted as the landlord, with John Hayes as the tenant. The lands in question were situated in Ashford and Rootagh, covering an area of 4la Ir 86p. The rent amounted to £22 18s, with a tenement valuation of £21 5s 6d. Mr Blackall, the landlord’s solicitor, and Mr Gaffney, the tenant’s representative, presented their arguments before the court. The case was adjourned until the following day.

Lord Clarina was the landlord for John Walsh, the tenant, in a case involving lands in Carrig-O’Guanell. The area in question measured 23a Or 8p, with a rent of £25 and a tenement valuation of £25 10s 8d. Judge Adams ultimately fixed the rent at £21 10s. The tenant was represented by Mr Gaffney, while Mr Carville appeared as counsel for Lord Clarina.

The court also dealt with a dispute between the same landlord and tenant, this time concerning lands in Ballybrown. The area encompassed £4 1r 14p, with a rent set at £23 and a tenement valuation of £25. Judge Adams determined the new rent to be £21. Mr Gaffney once again represented the tenant.

Rev. John Tim owned the lands in Toreen, with Thomas Hennessy acting as the tenant. The area amounted to 4a Or 8p, with a rent of £6 7s 6d and a tenement valuation of £4 5s. Mr Barrington appeared as a solicitor for the landlord, while Mr John Ryan represented the tenant. The court heard that the land was valued at £4 for the tenant, but no valuer was presented on behalf of the landlord. Ultimately, the new rent was fixed at £4 10s 0d.

Another case involved Francis Wise Lowe as the landlord and John Canty as the tenant. The lands, situated in Gibbonstown, covered an area of 43a 3r 4p, with a rent of £57 0s 0d and a tenement valuation of £47 10s 0d. Mr Leahy acted as the landlord’s solicitor, while Mr O’Donuell represented the tenant. Valuations were provided by Mr Cleary for the tenant, amounting to £39 based on carrying capacity and £38 7s 6d based on acreage. On the landlord’s side, Mr Martin valued the lands at £54 3s 0d. Ultimately, the court fixed the new rent at £44 10s 0d.

In a separate dispute involving the same landlord and tenant in the same location, the area of the lands was recorded as 6la 1r 10p, with a rent of £88 0s 0d and a tenement valuation of £63 10s 6d. The same solicitors, Mr Cleary for the tenant and Mr Martin for the landlord were engaged. Mr Cleary provided valuations of £52 based on carrying capacity and £50 17s 6d based on acreage, while Mr Martin valued the lands at £82 8s 6d. The court set the new rent at £50 10s 0d.

Judge Adams’ rulings in these cases demonstrate his commitment to upholding the Land Act and his dismissal of claims that it has been a failure. The proceedings will continue in the next sessions as more applications are reviewed, ensuring fair rents and protecting the rights of both landlords and tenants.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 April 1904

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