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A Great Irish Priest and the Half Holiday | Limerick Gazette Archives

A Great Irish Priest and the Half Holiday

During the week, the renowned Reverend W. McLoughlin from Philadelphia, who has been enjoying a well-deserved holiday in Ireland, bid farewell to Limerick as he embarked on his journey back to his parish. Father McLoughlin is widely regarded as one of the most prominent priests in the city of Brotherly Love, where he has played a significant role in fostering unity and harmony throughout his extensive missionary career. His efforts have contributed greatly to ensuring that Irish communities in America experience less dissension. Whenever he can take a break from his parish duties, Father McLoughlin returns to his homeland and spends time with friends in Limerick and Tipperary counties. Known for his culture, musical talents, and captivating storytelling abilities, he is a cherished figure whom anyone would be delighted to meet.

On another note, there have been minimal changes to report regarding the half-holiday. The businesses that have voluntarily closed early continue to enjoy positive outcomes. Thanks to their decisive action, they have garnered immense support from customers who make it a point of honour to complete their purchases before the designated closing time. As a result, the volume of business conducted elsewhere after closing hours remains disappointingly low. This positive response from the public solidifies the prevailing public opinion on the matter. If it were left to public sentiment alone, it is likely that very few establishments, aside from the public houses, would remain open past 2:30 pm on the upcoming Monday.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 27 August 1904