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"Discover the Historical Map of the 1691 Siege of Limerick in John Ferrar's Book" | Limerick Gazette Archives

“Discover the Historical Map of the 1691 Siege of Limerick in John Ferrar’s Book”

The map is sourced from John Ferrar’s book “The History of Limerick, Ecclesiastical, Civil and Military” published in 1786, which portrays the Siege of Limerick that took place in 1691. It provides a visual representation of the military events that occurred during this significant historical event.

The map depicts the layout of the city of Limerick, including its fortifications, walls, and key strategic points. It also illustrates the positioning of the opposing forces involved in the siege. This visual representation would offer insights into the military tactics and strategies employed during the siege, showcasing the complexity of the battle and the challenges faced by both sides.

Maps like these are valuable historical resources as they provide a visual narrative of the events, allowing viewers to better understand the geographical and tactical aspects of the siege. They contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the historical context and significance of the Siege of Limerick in 1691.