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Home Rule Demonstration In Limerick: A Show Of Unity | Limerick Gazette Archives

Home Rule Demonstration In Limerick: A Show Of Unity

A large and enthusiastic gathering of people from Clare, Tipperary, Waterford, Cork, and Kerry convened on Sunday in Limerick for a significant Home Rule demonstration. The meeting, attended by approximately 15,000 individuals, featured prominent speakers including Mr John Redmond, MP.., and Mr William O’Brien, MP.., among others. The Mayor of Limerick led a procession, accompanied by bands and banners, to the designated meeting place. Mr Redmond, warmly received by the crowd, expressed his gratification and emphasized the significance of Mr O’Brien’s return to Irish politics, noting that the cause of Home Rule was now closer than ever to realization. He highlighted the importance of administering the Land Act with prudence and courage, as it held the potential to contribute to Ireland’s regeneration. Unity among the people was deemed essential for the country to achieve its rightful demands in the near future. Lord Dunraven’s proposals were seen as capable of meeting those demands, and it was encouraged that such initiatives be welcomed rather than rejected. The resolution of the Irish question necessitated setting aside elements of discord and complexity. Mr O’Brien echoed the sentiment of unity, emphasizing that although there may be differing opinions on the Land Act, there was no division in policy between himself and Mr Redmond. The demonstration concluded with the adoption of several resolutions.

Aberdeen Press and Journal – Monday 07 November 1904