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"Efficient Investment: Limerick Harbour's Cost-Effective Swivel Bridge Project" |

“Efficient Investment: Limerick Harbour’s Cost-Effective Swivel Bridge Project”

In Limerick, a notable development unfolded during the recent meeting of the Limerick Harbour Board, where a strategic proposal regarding the construction of a swivel bridge took centre stage. Presided over by Mayor Councillor T. Ryan, the gathering discussed key details presented by Mr J. F. Power, the Secretary of the Board.

Mr Power shared crucial insights, indicating that the anticipated total cost for the erection of the new swivel bridge would be impressively contained within the confines of £10,000. This cost-effective estimate raised eyebrows in the assembly, shedding light on the prudent financial planning and efficient utilization of resources associated with this infrastructure project.

One of the noteworthy factors contributing to the project’s affordability is the existing infrastructure. Mr Power elabourated that the current walls in place are structurally sound. Leveraging this advantage, the construction would primarily involve the erection of two spans, focusing on the essential components needed for the swivel bridge. This streamlined approach not only minimizes costs but also expedites the completion of the project.

The proposed swivel bridge is set to enhance the functionality of the harbour, allowing for improved maritime access and navigation. The decision to opt for a swivel bridge underscores a commitment to technological innovation, providing a flexible and efficient solution for maritime traffic.

The anticipated cost of under £10,000 is a testament to the prudent financial stewardship exercised by the Limerick Harbour Board. Such fiscal responsibility is crucial, especially in the execution of public infrastructure projects, as it ensures the optimal utilization of resources for the benefit of the community.

As the project progresses, the economic impact of the swivel bridge on the region is poised to be significant. Improved accessibility for maritime activities can stimulate economic growth, encourage trade, and enhance the overall efficiency of harbour operations. The bridge, once completed, is expected to stand as a symbol of progress and modernization for Limerick.

In conclusion, the Limerick Harbour Board’s decision to pursue the construction of a cost-effective swivel bridge reflects a strategic and forward-thinking approach to infrastructure development. The project’s financial prudence, coupled with the utilization of existing infrastructure, positions it as a model for efficient public investment. As the community eagerly awaits the completion of the swivel bridge, the anticipated benefits for maritime activities and economic growth are poised to make a lasting impact on the city and its harbour.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 06 January 1912

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