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"Limerick Quarter Sessions: Symbolic White Gloves Presented to Judge Law-Smith" |

“Limerick Quarter Sessions: Symbolic White Gloves Presented to Judge Law-Smith”

In a recent session of the Limerick Quarter Sessions, an unusual yet symbolic tradition unfolded as white gloves were presented to Honor Judge Law-Smith. The proceedings, presided over by Judge Law-Smith, featured criminal cases for trial, and the customary presentation of white gloves took place with Mr William O’Donnell, J.P., City Coroner, leading the gesture.

The presentation of white gloves is a longstanding tradition in Limerick, symbolizing the good order and state of the city. Mr O’Donnell, in offering the gloves to Judge Law-Smith, extended heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing the positive conditions within the city.

Honor Judge Law-Smith graciously acknowledged the presentation and took a moment to reflect on the significance of the tradition. He remarked that coming from the often dreary North, he always looked forward to finding something bright and cheerful upon arriving in Limerick. The white gloves, symbolic of peace and prosperity, served as a tangible representation of the city’s well-being.

Judge Law-Smith expressed his appreciation for the gesture, highlighting the importance of these traditions in fostering a positive atmosphere within the legal community. He went on to mention that, in his experience, Limerick consistently exuded a sense of warmth and hospitality.

Taking a broader view, Judge Law-Smith mentioned the recent absence of their late Resident Magistrate, Mr Hickson, during the sessions. He conveyed the collective sentiments of the magistrates in the city and county, extending well-wishes to Mr Hickson for a long life, good health, and prosperity in the future. This expression of goodwill towards Mr Hickson showcased the camaraderie and mutual respect among the legal fraternity in Limerick.

In a concluding note, Judge Law-Smith welcomed Mr Kelly, R.M., to their ranks, signalling a sense of unity and collabouration among the legal professionals in the region. The presentation of the symbolic white gloves not only added a touch of tradition to the proceedings but also underscored the interconnectedness and positive relationships within the legal community in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 05 January 1912

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