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Limerick Board of Guardians Address Objectionable Literature Issue |

Limerick Board of Guardians Address Objectionable Literature Issue

Limerick, Wednesday – The Limerick Board of Guardians convened today, with Lady Emly presiding. During the meeting, Mr J. P. Rahilly put forth a proposition, stating, “Following up our resolution of the 29th of November 1911, calling on every public body in Ireland to join efforts in stamping out evil literature from Ireland, we now wish to place on record that it is time for the government to take measures to prevent the publication of newspapers, periodicals, and other materials of an immoral tendency.”

Mr Rahilly emphasized the grave danger associated with the circulation of objectionable literature and commended the courage and determination of those who initiated the crusade against this perceived societal menace. Seconding the resolution, Mr P. Rourke echoed concerns about the impact of such publications on the community.

Lady Emly, in her comments during the meeting, highlighted the harm inflicted by these publications and expressed hope that the resolution would pass without dissent. The resolution itself calls for copies to be forwarded to key figures, including the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, Mr J. E. Redmond, and various public bodies in Ireland.

The unanimous declaration of the resolution marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address the issue of objectionable literature within the region. The gravity of the matter has prompted the Limerick Board of Guardians to assertively call upon the government to intervene and implement measures aimed at curbing the dissemination of materials deemed to have an immoral influence.

The resolution’s emphasis on the collabourative responsibility of public bodies across Ireland underscores the collective commitment to eradicating what is perceived as a detrimental aspect of society. By urging the government to take decisive action, the Limerick Board of Guardians seeks to mobilize a coordinated response that addresses the root causes and potential societal repercussions of objectionable literature.

As the resolution passes unanimously, it reflects a shared recognition among the members of the Limerick Board of Guardians regarding the urgency of addressing this issue. The formal call for intervention resonates with a broader societal concern for the impact of objectionable literature on community well-being and moral standards.

The dissemination of objectionable materials is viewed as a pressing challenge that requires not only local but also governmental attention. The resolution signals a call to action, urging higher authorities to consider regulatory measures that would curtail the publication and distribution of materials deemed to have an immoral tendency.

The resolution’s transmission to key figures in the government and various public bodies in Ireland further amplifies the urgency and seriousness with which the Limerick Board of Guardians regards the matter. By involving influential stakeholders, the resolution seeks to garner support and catalyse a comprehensive response to the perceived threat posed by objectionable literature.

In conclusion, the Limerick Board of Guardians’ unanimous resolution stands as a testament to the collective commitment to address objectionable literature in the region. By calling for government intervention and collabourative efforts, the board aims to confront the challenges posed by such materials, highlighting the need for a concerted response to safeguard societal values and well-being.

Freeman’s Journal – Thursday 01 February 1912

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