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Limerick Corporation Explores Shipbuilding Prospects with Lord Pirrie |

Limerick Corporation Explores Shipbuilding Prospects with Lord Pirrie

Limerick, Thursday – In a recent meeting of the Limerick Corporation Committee, the Mayor presiding, a resolution put forth by Councillor Michael O’Brien gained unanimous approval. The resolution suggests engaging with Lord Pirrie, the head of the renowned shipbuilding firm Harland and Wolff based in Belfast. The focus of the proposal is the exploration of the suitability of Corkanree lands, spanning approximately 68 acres, as a potential shipbuilding yard.

The resolution highlights the advantageous proximity of Corkanree lands to the River Shannon, with only an embankment separating them. The location is strategically close to the docks and quays, making it an attractive prospect for shipbuilding activities. The Corporation expresses its willingness to facilitate the acquisition of the site by Lord Pirrie for the specified purpose.

The Town Clerk has been tasked with initiating communication with Lord Pirrie, emphasizing the potential of Corkanree lands for shipbuilding endeavours. The Corporation aims to underscore the benefits of the site, considering its size, location, and accessibility to key waterways.

Additionally, the resolution instructs the City Surveyor to prepare a comprehensive map of the Corkanree lands. To enhance the presentation, it is suggested that photographs of the site be taken and provided to Lord Pirrie. This thorough documentation aims to offer a clear visual representation of the proposed shipbuilding area.

The Corporation’s approach reflects a proactive stance in attracting investment and economic development to the region. Engaging with Lord Pirrie, a prominent figure in the shipbuilding industry, underscores Limerick’s interest in fostering opportunities for industrial growth.

The proposed shipbuilding yard could potentially bring economic benefits to the area, creating job opportunities and contributing to the local economy. However, it is essential to note that at this stage, the resolution merely outlines the Corporation’s intention to explore the viability of the Corkanree lands for shipbuilding purposes.

Lord Pirrie, as the head of Harland and Wolff, holds significant influence in the shipbuilding sector. The Corporation’s outreach signifies a strategic move to leverage his expertise and potential interest in expanding operations to Limerick.

The geographical advantages of Corkanree lands, with their adjacency to the River Shannon and proximity to docks and quays, present a compelling case for consideration. However, any decision on the matter rests on the outcome of discussions between the Corporation and Lord Pirrie.

As the City Surveyor undertakes the task of preparing a detailed map and photographic documentation, the Corporation demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive information to support their proposal. This meticulous approach aligns with a transparent and informative engagement with Lord Pirrie.

It is crucial to observe that the resolution neither confirms nor finalizes the establishment of a shipbuilding yard in Limerick. The Corporation’s proactive steps signify a preliminary exploration of possibilities and a willingness to collabourate with key stakeholders.

The outcome of the discussions with Lord Pirrie will likely shape the direction of future developments. The Corporation’s readiness to offer every facility for the acquisition of the Corkanree site emphasizes their commitment to facilitating potential investments that could positively impact the local community and economy.

In conclusion, the Limerick Corporation’s resolution to explore shipbuilding prospects with Lord Pirrie reflects a strategic move to attract industrial opportunities to the region. The focus on the Corkanree lands, with their advantageous location, underscores the potential for economic development. However, it is imperative to await further developments and decisions resulting from discussions between the Corporation and Lord Pirrie before drawing any conclusions about the establishment of a shipbuilding yard in Limerick.

Freeman’s Journal – Friday 02 February 1912

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