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"Limerick Assizes Overturn Compensation Award in Policeman's Injury Case" |

“Limerick Assizes Overturn Compensation Award in Policeman’s Injury Case”

In a recent development at the Limerick Assizes on Saturday evening, a significant appeal was heard before the Lord Chief Justice, shedding light on a compensation claim by Constable Michael J. Oolkran of the Limerick County Council. The case revolved around injuries sustained by Constable Colleran while apprehending a prisoner in Kilmeedy last August.

The incident in question resulted in Constable Colleran suffering a broken leg during the process of arresting the individual. This led to a compensation claim, and at the Newcastle West Quarter Sessions held recently, County Court Judge Smith awarded the constable £100 for the injuries he sustained.

However, the decision faced a challenge as the Limerick County Council appealed against the ruling. The appeal, presented before the Lord Chief Justice at the Limerick Assizes, sought a reconsideration of the compensation awarded to Constable Colleran .

During the proceedings, evidence related to the circumstances surrounding the incident and the injuries suffered by Constable Oolkran was presented. After a thorough examination of the case, Lord Chief Justice Laid O’Brien made a crucial decision. The Lord Chief Justice reversed the earlier decision made by County Court Judge Smith, thereby overturning the award of £100 in compensation to Constable Colleran.

The decision to uphold the appeal by the Limerick County Council implies that Constable Oolkran will not receive the previously granted compensation for the injuries sustained while carrying out his duties. The legal proceedings have underscored the complexities and nuances involved in compensation claims within the jurisdiction.

This case has drawn attention not only for the specific incident, but also for the broader implications it may have on compensation claims by law enforcement officers in the region. The ruling sets a precedent that may be referred to in future cases involving injuries sustained by police officers during the execution of their duties.

The Limerick Assizes, as a central legal forum, plays a crucial role in adjudicating such matters, ensuring a fair and just resolution to legal disputes. The proceedings serve as a mechanism for evaluating the circumstances surrounding incidents and determining the appropriate course of action in terms of compensation.

It is important to note that the decision made by Lord Chief Justice Laid O’Brien was based on a thorough examination of the evidence presented during the appeal. The focus remained on the facts of the case, and the Lord Chief Justice’s ruling was not swayed by prior decisions at the County Court level.

As the legal process concludes, the implications of this case on future compensation claims within the law enforcement community in Limerick may become clearer. The decision at the Limerick Assizes sets a precedent for how such cases will be evaluated and adjudicated, contributing to the jurisprudence of compensation claims in the region.

This news from the Limerick Assizes underscores the importance of a fair and impartial legal system in addressing compensation claims, ensuring that justice is served and that decisions are made based on a careful examination of the facts at hand.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 12 March 1912

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