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Limerick County Council Expresses Gratitude in Home Rule Discussion |

Limerick County Council Expresses Gratitude in Home Rule Discussion

Limerick, Saturday – In a recent session of the Limerick County Council, chaired by Mr W. R. Gubbins, the council members expressed their gratitude to key political figures, emphasizing the ongoing discussions about Home Rule. Mr John Coleman, J.P., highlighted the significance of the Home Rule demonstrations taking place across the country, extending the thanks of the Irish people to Mr J. E. Redmond and Prime Minister Mr Asquith.

Addressing the assembly, Mr Coleman acknowledged the efforts of both the Irish Parliamentary Leader and the Prime Minister. He commended Mr Asquith for bearing the brunt of the battle in a manner unprecedented in the context of the Home Rule question for Ireland. He proposed that, if the entire Limerick County Council could not participate in the political demonstrations, at least a delegation, including the Chairman, should attend to show support.

“The time has come for us to demonstrate that we are true soldiers in the vanguard of the battle for the Home Rule cause and that we stand firmly behind Mr Redmond and Mr Asquith, asserted Mr Coleman. He suggested the Council’s active participation in the ongoing political discourse.

To further emphasize their support, Mr Coleman recommended the presentation of an address from the Limerick County Council, amplifying their stance on Home Rule. The proposition found unanimous approval among the Council members, indicating a shared commitment to the cause.

Chairman Gubbins expressed great pleasure in the unanimous endorsement of the proposal. He noted the anticipated participation of many Council members in the upcoming demonstration, underscoring the significance of the event. Praising Mr Asquith as the best Prime Minister for the occasion, Chairman Gubbins conveyed a sense of unity within the Council regarding the pressing issue of Home Rule.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 18 March 1912

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