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"Limerick Sergeant's Conduct Under Scrutiny: Allegations of Interference with Fellow Officers Surface in Co. Limerick" |

“Limerick Sergeant’s Conduct Under Scrutiny: Allegations of Interference with Fellow Officers Surface in Co. Limerick”

Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I write to bring to your attention a matter of concern involving the conduct of a Sergeant in a station in Co. Limerick, near the picturesque Shannon. The station in question has been a site of discomfort for some officers due to the actions of a Sergeant from an adjacent station.

The officers routinely visit this location for both recreational and business purposes, finding it to be the most convenient spot for the latter. Unfortunately, their visits are marred by the persistent interference of the aforementioned Sergeant. Upon discovering the presence of these officers, he goes to the house they are in, summons them to the street, and subjects them to a series of inquiries about their business. This encounter often takes place in full view of local civilians, including a fair representation of the female population, who gather to witness the proceedings.

The Sergeant takes it upon himself to lecture the officers on their chosen lifestyle, deeming them a public disgrace. He concludes these encounters by ordering them to return to their station. The entire spectacle seems to be performed for the amusement and edification of onlookers, creating an uncomfortable situation for the officers involved.

While we do not intend to dwell extensively on this matter, we would like to respectfully suggest to the Sergeant, given his presumably superior intelligence, that he refrains from interfering with his colleagues in less fortunate circumstances. These officers, in humbler positions, are well aware of the gravity of their actions without the need for the Sergeant to publicly chastise them. It would be beneficial for all parties involved if the Sergeant could allow them to conduct their business without unnecessary interference.

Perhaps the Sergeant could redirect his undoubtedly considerable talents toward more constructive endeavours that contribute to the public good. We trust that, with due consideration, this matter can be resolved amicably, fostering a more harmonious environment for all personnel involved.

Yours truly,
Concerned Citizen

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 09 March 1912

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