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New Dredger Enhances Limerick's Maritime Capabilities |

New Dredger Enhances Limerick’s Maritime Capabilities

Limerick, Ireland – In a significant development for the maritime infrastructure of Limerick, the Dublin Dockyard Company successfully launched a state-of-the-art hopper grab-dredger on the North Wall yesterday. The event marked another milestone for the Dublin Dockyard Company, showcasing its prowess in shipbuilding. The sleek vessel, christened “Curragower” in a ceremony attended by Miss Mammy, daughter of Mr H. V. Moroney, S.E., engineer to the Limerick Harbour Commissioners, is a testament to the ongoing efforts to bolster Limerick’s port facilities.

The decision to commission the dredger from the Dublin Dockyard Company was influenced by the success of a similar vessel built by the firm for the Waterford Harbour Commissioners. Limerick Harbour Commissioners, impressed by the craftsmanship and functionality of the Waterford dredger, opted to keep the work within Ireland. The launch was executed flawlessly, and the vessel promises to be a valuable addition to Limerick’s maritime capabilities.

Designed under the supervision of Mr H. V. Moroney, the vessel’s dimensions are impressive, with a length of 140 feet, breadth of 29 feet 6 inches, and a draft of 12 feet 6 inches. The dredger is specifically tailored to meet the local requirements of Limerick, emphasizing its shallow-water capabilities with a capacity to carry about 500 tons of spoil. The construction adheres to Lloyd’s highest class standards, ensuring durability and reliability.

The dredger’s propulsion is powered by a set of compound surface condensing engines with cylinders measuring 15 inches and 32 inches in diameter, coupled with a cylindrical return tube boiler operating at 120 lbs. pressure. This robust machinery provides the vessel with the necessary power to navigate and undertake its dredging operations efficiently.

The dredging machinery itself is a testament to cutting-edge technology, featuring two powerful grab dredgers of Priestman’s patent. These dredgers, along with their respective cranes, boast the capability to lift 80 cwts. of spoil per lift from considerable depths, ensuring efficient and rapid dredging operations. The forward dredger and crane are strategically designed to work around the vessel’s bow, enabling it to carve out its flotation channel.

Mr Moroney, the overseeing engineer, expressed satisfaction with the vessel’s construction, emphasizing its modern features and its alignment with the specific needs of Limerick. The dredger, when completed, is expected to be one of the best-equipped vessels in its class, geared not only for efficient dredging operations but also for overall maritime safety and navigation.

The “Curragower” represents a strategic investment in Limerick’s maritime infrastructure, reinforcing the city’s position as a key player in the maritime industry. As Limerick continues to evolve, this new dredger will play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of port operations and supporting the region’s economic growth.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 22 March 1912

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