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Historic Revival of Limerick Diocesan Ceremonies at St. John's Cathedral |

Historic Revival of Limerick Diocesan Ceremonies at St. John’s Cathedral

In a momentous event for the diocese of Limerick and a significant milestone for the Catholic Church in Ireland, the revival ceremonies associated with the restoration of the ancient Chapter of Limerick unfolded at St. John’s Cathedral today. The Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, the Bishop of Limerick, presided over the ceremony, making it a historic occasion not only for the diocese but for the broader Irish Catholic Church.

The last chapter that convened in Limerick occurred at St. Mary’s, the former Catholic Cathedral, presided over by the Papal Nuncio to Ireland, Cardinal [Cardinal’s Name]. The cathedral was filled to capacity, underscoring the significance of the day in the history of the Diocese of Limerick. Among the attendees were distinguished figures such as the Mayor of Limerick, adorned with his chain of office, Mr Wm. M. Nolan, J.P., the Town Clerk, Dr Shanahan, Messrs. J. O’Sullivan, County Solicitor; James Flynn of Cruise’s Hotel; J. V. Turner, Manager of the National Bank; W. Lloyd, B. K. Sheehy, architect; and M. O’Callaghan, S.C., among others.

The Decree issued by His Holiness Pope, authorizing the revival of the Chapter, was formally read by Rev. M. Murphy, the Administrator of St. John’s. Following this, the Lord Bishop assigned the Canons their respective Prebendaries, marking a pivotal moment in the ecclesiastical landscape of Limerick.

The Canons, donned in the traditional attire of Cappa Magna, Rochet, and Mozetta, assumed their places on the benches designated for them, each bearing the names of their respective Prebendaries. The installation ceremony was conducted with due solemnity, setting the stage for the subsequent events.

A Solemn High Mass Coram Pontifices followed the installation ceremony, with the Right Rev. Mgr. Hallinan of Newcastle West serving as the celebrant. The liturgy, primarily Gregorian chant, was masterfully rendered by St. John’s Choir under the direction of Mr C. Kendal Irwin, I-S.M.

The Prebendaries to whom the Canons were assigned by the Lord Bishop include Ardcanny, Tallybrackey, Athea, Ballyrashane, Kilpeacon, Dysert, Donoughmore, Kilmeedy, Effin, Croagh, and St. Munchin’s, each carrying its own historical and spiritual significance.

This revival of the ancient Chapter at St. John’s Cathedral is a testament to the enduring spiritual heritage of Limerick and marks a significant moment for the Catholic Church in Ireland. The ceremony brought together clergy, civic leaders, and prominent figures in a collective celebration of faith and tradition.

As the restored Chapter takes its place in the heart of Limerick, the echoes of history resonate, and the Catholic community looks ahead to a future shaped by the spiritual guidance and leadership emanating from St. John’s Cathedral.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 15 June 1912

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