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"Hibernian Order Flourishes in Limerick with Grand Opening of New A.O.H. Hall" |

“Hibernian Order Flourishes in Limerick with Grand Opening of New A.O.H. Hall”

Limerick, Ireland – In a significant development highlighting the thriving presence of the Hibernian Order in Limerick, the City Division recently acquired Hartstonge House for €81,000, signalling the organization’s remarkable growth in the region. The spacious building was purchased from Mr Stephen O’Mara, providing ample accommodation for the Ancient Order of Hibernians (A.O.H.) City Division, which officially took possession during a grand ceremony.

The A.O.H., deeply rooted in Irish history, has seen a remarkable surge in membership in Limerick. Presently boasting over 500 members, the division’s expansion reflects a significant increase compared to the 135 members recorded just a year ago. The acquisition of Hartstonge House, with its diverse facilities including libraries and game rooms, marks a new chapter for the organization in Limerick.

The formal opening ceremony on Friday night was a grand affair, attended by a considerable number of members. The festivities commenced with a lively parade through the streets led by the Boherbuoy Brass Band, creating an electrifying atmosphere as the community celebrated this historic occasion.

During the event, Mr Joseph Quilts, Vice-President of the Division, expressed regret over the absence of Mr Joseph Devlin, the National President, due to prior commitments. However, Mr Quilts conveyed Mr Devlin’s commitment to visiting the new hall soon. The acquisition of Hartstonge House is a testament to the patriotic sentiments of Mr Stephen O’Mara, emphasizing his love for Hibernia and the A.O.H.

The A.O.H. has become a cornerstone of support for its members, especially with the implementation of the National Insurance Act. This act ensures that benefits provided under the scheme are directed exclusively to the members, reinforcing the financial security of the organization.

In another noteworthy development for Limerick, plans for a new light railway have been presented by Mr James J. Parkinson. The proposed railway, aimed at enhancing transportation for coal from local mines, received a positive reception during a recent presentation to the County Council. Mr Parkinson, confident in the project’s viability, highlighted its potential to boost employment and economic development in the region.

The railway project, intended to improve coal transportation efficiency, received endorsement from various stakeholders, including Mr Percy Teach, D.L., who expressed confidence in its financial viability. The initiative has the potential to transform the local mining industry, creating employment opportunities and economic benefits for the region.

As Limerick continues to witness positive developments within the Hibernian Order and infrastructure enhancements, the city appears poised for further growth and prosperity. The grand opening of the new A.O.H. Hall and the ambitious light railway project underscore the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing modern advancements.

Freeman’s Journal – Tuesday 02 July 1912

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