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Limerick Contemplates Tuberculosis Grants for County-Wide Dispensaries |

Limerick Contemplates Tuberculosis Grants for County-Wide Dispensaries

In a recent meeting of the Limerick County Council Tuberculosis Dispensaries Committee, discussions were held to explore the allocation and utilization of grants for tackling tuberculosis within the county. The meeting, presided over by Mr John Coleman, J.P., witnessed the participation of key figures, including the Mayor, Lord and Lady Emly, and Sir Wm. Thompson, Registrar-General.

The primary focus of the meeting was a correspondence received from the Local Government Board outlining proposals regarding the allocation of funds to address the pressing issue of tuberculosis. The Board suggested a preliminary distribution of the Irish share of the grant based on the population of county areas. According to this formula, the Limerick County Council could expect a significant allocation of approximately £3,000.

A notable aspect of the Board’s proposal was the potential repurposing of existing dispensaries under the Medical Charities Acts in connection with a county-wide tuberculosis dispensary scheme. However, this would be subject to the consent of the Boards of Guardians and the relevant medical officers associated with the existing dispensaries. The Board indicated that a central dispensary, complemented by six observation beds, could incur a cost ranging from £800 to £900.

During the meeting, a spirited discussion unfolded regarding the optimal approach to handling tuberculosis cases. The Chairman, Mr John Coleman, advocated for sending incurable cases to the Workhouse Hospital. Concerns were raised about the lack of responses from neighbouring counties regarding their willingness to participate in the proposed joint project of establishing a shared sanatorium.

Amidst these considerations, the Chairman emphasized the Limerick County Council’s inclination towards developing independent dispensaries tailored to the specific needs of the county. However, he hinted at the possibility of collabouration with the city and other councils in the overarching goal of establishing a comprehensive sanatorium.

It was revealed that as of the meeting, no responses had been received from neighbouring counties regarding their potential amalgamation with Limerick in the proposed joint sanatorium project. The lack of feedback added an element of uncertainty to the prospects of collabourative efforts in erecting a shared facility to combat tuberculosis.

In recognition of Sir William Thompson’s attendance and contributions to the discussion, the committee passed a vote of thanks to express their appreciation. The meeting concluded with an agreement to convene again in the near future to delve into the finer details of the proposed tuberculosis dispensary scheme.

As Limerick grapples with the challenge of tuberculosis, the deliberations of the Tuberculosis Dispensaries Committee underscore the importance of strategic planning, financial allocations, and potential collabourations in addressing public health concerns within the county. The discussions reflect a conscientious effort to navigate the complexities of healthcare administration and prioritize the well-being of the community in the face of the tuberculosis epidemic.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 15 July 1912

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