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Limerick Engineers Express Outrage and Call for Action Against Belfast Shipyard Attacks |

Limerick Engineers Express Outrage and Call for Action Against Belfast Shipyard Attacks

In a special meeting held at the Limerick Branch of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, a strong resolution was passed, condemning the recent acts of violence against workers in the Belfast shipyards. The meeting, presided over by Brother Reardon, the branch president, saw an impassioned discussion on the need for solidarity and swift action in the face of these “foul, cruel, and cowardly outrages.”

Brother W. Whelan, the Branch Referee, took the floor to propose the resolution, which was seconded by Brother Stack. The resolution expressed the engineers’ deep indignation at the attacks on workers in the Belfast shipyards, labelling them as inoffensive individuals facing violence simply for standing steadfastly to the dictates of their conscience.

The resolution further criticized what was perceived as a lack of adequate protection by the authorities in Belfast, branding their inaction as “callous in the extreme.” The engineers expressed concern that the affected workers were being denied their right to work by the actions of what they referred to as “hooligans” in Belfast.

A key point in the resolution called on the Trade and Labour Council to convene an indignation meeting in Limerick at the earliest possible date. This call to action was underscored by the engineers’ belief that a collective response was essential to address the gravity of the situation and to stand in solidarity with their fellow workers facing adversity in Belfast.

The resolution also outlined plans to disseminate the text to the branches of the society in Belfast and other branches across Ireland, emphasizing the importance of united action against such incidents.

The engineers in Limerick expressed their solidarity with the affected workers and their commitment to upholding the principles of workers’ rights. The resolution served as a strong testament to the deep concern and shared outrage within the Limerick engineering community.

While the resolution passed unanimously, it remains to be seen how the broader labour community will respond to the call for an indignation meeting. The situation in Belfast is evidently causing ripples of concern among workers in Limerick, prompting a collective stance against what they perceive as a blatant infringement on the rights of workers in another part of Ireland.

As the resolution gains traction and garners support from sister branches, it underscores the importance of unity and collective action within the labour movement. The engineers in Limerick have unequivocally spoken out against the violence in Belfast, emphasizing the need for a coordinated response to address the challenges faced by workers in the shipyards.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 03 August 1912

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