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Limerick Farmers Voice Concerns Over Insurance Act at County Meeting |

Limerick Farmers Voice Concerns Over Insurance Act at County Meeting

In a recent gathering of the County Limerick Farmers’ Association, held at the George Hotel in the city, farmers expressed their apprehensions and discontent with the Insurance Act. The meeting, presided over by Mr James Nolan, highlighted concerns about the imposed measure, which farmers argue is unsuitable for their agricultural community and burdens them with additional taxes.

One of the key announcements made during the meeting was regarding the upcoming second conference of the Irish Farmers’ Association scheduled for the 29th of this month in Dublin. Delegates from the County Limerick Farmers’ Association, Mr J. McCabe and Mr Peter Fitzgerald, J.P., have been appointed to attend. The primary focus of the conference is expected to be on resolutions protesting against the Insurance Act, portraying it as a measure forced upon farmers against their will.

The Insurance Act has been a contentious issue among the farming community, who argue that it places an unnecessary financial burden on an already struggling agricultural sector. Farmers and their representatives are set to voice their opposition to the Act, citing its unsuitability for the unique challenges faced by those in rural areas.

During the meeting, attention was drawn to critical remarks made by Mr Thomas Lundon, the Member of Parliament for East Limerick, during a recent House of Commons discussion on July 23rd. Members of the association responded by unanimously passing a motion declaring Mr Lundon’s statements as contemptible and contrary to the interests of the farming community. The motion emphasized that such comments had sparked indignation among the members, but they chose to dismiss them as baseless.

Mr Ernest Browne, a prominent member of the association, proposed that the resolution against the Insurance Act should be reiterated, reflecting the sentiment that neither farmers nor their workers find it necessary. The sentiment among the members was that while they did not oppose the principle of the Act, they believed it needed significant amendments to better suit the interests of rural districts.

During the discussions, Mr R. Cooper, J.P., shared his stance, expressing that while he wasn’t against the Act, he was not willing to become a collector for the government. Mr Browne responded by emphasizing that the objection was not against the principle of the Act itself, but against the role of collectors. The resolution against farmers being asked to take up the role of collectors for the Act was reaffirmed.

As the debate continues, farmers in Limerick are gearing up to make their voices heard at the upcoming conference in Dublin. Farmers are seeking changes to the Insurance Act that they believe will better serve the interests of the agricultural community in County Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 05 August 1912

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