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Limerick Resident Faces Contempt of Court Charges in Inheritance Dispute |

Limerick Resident Faces Contempt of Court Charges in Inheritance Dispute

In a recent legal development in Limerick, Ireland, the court has been addressing a case involving the Sheehy family, where a brother, James Sheehy, faces charges of contempt of court related to an inheritance dispute. The case centres around the administration of the estate of Francis Sheehy, deceased, who owned several farms of land and a substantial amount of stock in Court, Co. Limerick.

The deceased, Francis Sheehy, left equal legacies of £900 to each of his four daughters, who are the plaintiffs in the ongoing legal proceedings. The contention arose when the sisters alleged that their brother, James Sheehy, had improperly appropriated a portion of the estate’s assets. In response to the allegations, the court issued an order directing James Sheehy to bring £200 into court, part of a larger sum of £1,262.

James Sheehy’s failure to comply with the court order led to his incarceration on the 16th of May. He has been held in Limerick Gaol since then for contempt of court. The motion for his release was presented before the Master of the Rolls, the Vacation Judge, who presided over the proceedings.

During the court hearing, Mr Patrick Kelly, representing James Sheehy, informed the court that his client was now in a position to lodge £800 in court as a settlement. Mr Kelly proposed that the lands owned by James Sheehy be made available for a mortgage to secure the amount. Additionally, Mr Cecil Atkinson, representing the plaintiffs, rejected the proposed amount, insisting that the full amount due from the defendant was £4,520.

The plaintiffs expressed their willingness to accept a settlement of £1,300, which would cover all claims, legal costs, and auctioneer’s fees. However, they could not accept the proposed £800 settlement. The court deliberated on the matter, considering the value of the farm in question.

The Master of the Rolls suggested that accepting the £800 settlement might be in the best interest of the plaintiffs, given potential health and other considerations. Mr Atkinson maintained his stance, emphasizing that his clients could not accept the proposed amount.

The Master of the Rolls acknowledged that the plaintiffs had been treated poorly but suggested that accepting the £800 settlement might be a pragmatic solution to end the legal dispute. Mr Atkinson, however, stood firm on the original amount of £1,300.

The court ultimately decided to defer the decision on the release of James Sheehy without prejudice. The ongoing case highlights the complexities of family disputes, inheritance matters, and the delicate balance that the court must navigate in seeking resolutions that are fair to all parties involved. The legal proceedings will continue, shedding light on the intricacies of this inheritance dispute in the heart of Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 21 August 1912

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