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Limerick Condemned for Unprovoked Attacks on Unionists: Irish Unionist Party Expresses Outrage |

Limerick Condemned for Unprovoked Attacks on Unionists: Irish Unionist Party Expresses Outrage

In a resounding condemnation, the Irish Unionist Parliamentary Party, led by Sir E. Carson, has expressed its strongest disapproval of the recent unprovoked attacks on Unionists in Limerick, Ireland. The resolution was passed during a meeting at the House of Commons, where the party decried the violence that unfolded on the night of the 10th instigated by Nationalists.

The resolution specifically highlights the targeted attacks on Unionists, including notable clergymen, as well as the destruction of Protestant churches, shops, and houses in Limerick. The Irish Unionist Party emphasized that the sole pretext for this intolerant violence was the holding of a Unionist meeting in the town.

The aftermath of the attacks has seen a wave of claims for compensation in Limerick, totalling £1,511 7s. 6d. These claims encompass damages to property, including window smashing and looting. Authorities anticipate additional claims as more individuals come forward to report the destruction of their homes and businesses during the riots that transpired on Thursday and Friday of the previous week.

Moreover, a notable claim for the cost of deploying 300 extra police officers into the city during the unrest has been asserted. The expenses incurred for restoring order and preventing further violence are expected to be presented for payment in due course.

Following the turmoil that marked the earlier part of the week, Limerick has experienced a relative calm in recent nights. Notably, there have been no attempts to resume the disorderly conduct that marred the town on Thursday and Friday of the previous week. The apparent return to normalcy is largely attributed to the intervention of the Roman Catholic Clergy in the city.

The role of the Roman Catholic Clergy has been pivotal in quelling tensions and preventing a recurrence of the violent incidents. Their influence has contributed to restoring a sense of order and discouraging any further acts of aggression. The cooperation between religious leaders and local authorities is seen as a positive step towards fostering peace and unity in Limerick.

As the city grapples with the aftermath of the attacks, the resolution passed by the Irish Unionist Parliamentary Party serves as a formal denouncement of the violence and a call for the British public to take note of the intolerance displayed in Limerick. The resolution underscores the importance of upholding democratic principles and the right to peaceful assembly, urging a commitment to a more inclusive and tolerant society.

Dublin Daily Express – Friday 18 October 1912

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