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Limerick Grapples with Export Restrictions Amidst Agricultural Challenges |

Limerick Grapples with Export Restrictions Amidst Agricultural Challenges

In a recent meeting of the Limerick Board of Guardians, concerns over the impact of export restrictions on cattle from Irish ports took centre stage. Lady Emly, presiding over the meeting, read a letter from Mr H. Smith on behalf of Mr T. W. Russell, addressing the Board’s resolution on the export restrictions. The letter revealed ongoing communication between the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Board of Agriculture, with an imminent announcement expected from Mr Russell.

Alderman Joyce, MP.., also corresponded, acknowledging the Board’s resolution and emphasizing the efforts of the Irish Parliamentary Party in advocating for the removal of restrictions. However, Mr T. Donnellan raised a crucial point, highlighting the disparity between the stringent measures in Ireland, where a cordon surrounds the country, and the more localized approach in England, affecting only a few counties. He advocated for a strong resolution urging the Irish Parliamentary Party to represent the need for equal treatment with England.

During the discussion, Mr Donnellan expressed dissatisfaction with the Irish Parliamentary Party’s response to the issue. He argued that the Party had not done enough to address the export restrictions effectively. Other members echoed these sentiments, suggesting that the Party had the power to influence the government’s decisions and should actively pursue equal treatment for Ireland.

The meeting concluded with a unanimous adoption of a resolution aligning with Mr Donnellan’s suggestion. The resolution emphasized the need for the Irish Parliamentary Party to press the government for fair treatment, especially in comparison to England’s more lenient approach.

Dublin Daily Express – Thursday 05 September 1912

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