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Limerick Parishioners Extend Heartfelt Appreciation to Very Rev. Canon Cregan |

Limerick Parishioners Extend Heartfelt Appreciation to Very Rev. Canon Cregan

In a touching display of gratitude and admiration, parishioners from the vibrant community of Limerick in the West expressed their deep affection for the Very Rev. Canon Cregan, P.P. A heart-warming ceremony unfolded on Friday, September 27th, at Abbeyfeale, where the parishioners gathered to present a remarkable address to Canon Cregan, highlighting the strong bond between the clergy and the people.

The centrepiece of the presentation was a finely crafted address, elegantly encased in a gold frame. The artistic piece, which now adorns the walls of the Diocesan Limerick, features a photograph of Canon Cregan and captures a significant moment – the Christie Procession in Athea, a testament to the rich tapestry of the parish’s traditions and celebrations.

The deputy representing the parishioners handed the address to Canon Cregan, expressing the community’s appreciation for his dedicated service. The address itself was not just a visual masterpiece but also a token of the parishioners’ genuine admiration and gratitude for their spiritual leader.

As part of this heartfelt gesture, a substantial cheque was presented to Canon Cregan, earmarked for the implementation of improvements within the parish. The generous contribution reflects the community’s desire to actively support the initiatives undertaken by their beloved clergy in enhancing the parish’s facilities and services.

Mr Ambrose, a spokesperson for the parishioners, conveyed the significance of the occasion. He recalled a moment several months ago when the parishioners recognized the need to honour Canon Cregan for his unwavering commitment. It was then decided that a tangible and meaningful gesture would be the most fitting expression of their appreciation.

During the presentation, Mr Ambrose emphasized that the donation aimed to contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance the parish church. The financial support, he added, was a reflection of the genuine respect and esteem the parishioners hold for Canon Cregan and the positive impact he has had on their lives.

In response, Canon Cregan expressed his gratitude, stating, “I cannot express how deeply grateful I am for the honour and compliment you confer on me.” He acknowledged the warmth and affection of the parishioners, emphasizing the unique connection between a parish priest and the community. Canon Cregan also highlighted the historical significance of being appointed as one of the first members of the Diocesan Chapter, considering it a great honour.

Reflecting on his time in Limerick, Canon Cregan fondly recalled his earlier years as a curate, expressing his appreciation for the enduring relationships built during that period. He praised the parishioners for their warm-heartedness and the sense of community that has persisted over the years.

As the ceremony concluded, it was evident that the occasion marked not only a significant chapter in the personal history of Canon Cregan but also showcased the strong unity and appreciation that define the close-knit community of Limerick.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 05 October 1912

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