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Lively Livestock Market in Limerick Draws Crowd Despite Mixed Trade |

Lively Livestock Market in Limerick Draws Crowd Despite Mixed Trade

LIMERICK, Ireland – In a bustling agricultural event held on September 9th, the city of Limerick played host to a moderate-sized fair that showcased a variety of livestock. The fair featured a notable number of cattle and a smaller selection of stores, drawing a diverse crowd of buyers and sellers alike.

The demand for cattle, especially the mature ones, was robust. The trade for store cattle, however, faced a quieter reception. Springer cows and milch cows were in limited supply, and the demand for them was moderate.

In the cattle category, those over 6 and not exceeding 12 months of age in the first class averaged at £4 15s. Two-year-olds and under three years in the same class had an average of £13 2s 6d, with a lower-weight average of 32s. Fat cattle, specifically those two years old and under three years, commanded prices ranging from £13 10s to £16, with an average of £15. For three years old and over, the first-class cattle fetched £16 to £20 10s, averaging at £18.

Cows and bulls saw a range of prices, with the second class going for £12 to £16 and averaging at £14, while the third class ranged from £8 to £11 10s, averaging at £9 10s.

The market also saw a fair presence of springers, with cows and heifers in the second class selling for £12 to £16, averaging at £14.

The sheep section displayed a limited number of fat sheep, aged one-year-old and under two years, with long-wools fetching prices from 35s to 50s and averaging at 47s. Despite the limited numbers, the trade for fat sheep was somewhat subdued.

Young pigs were abundant, particularly those in the 8 to 10 weeks age range, which sold well at prices ranging from 18s to 25s and averaging at 26s. Older pigs, aged over ten weeks and under four months, ranged from 25s to 32s 6d, averaging at 28s. Those four months and older commanded prices from 30s to 40s, averaging at 35s.

The overall atmosphere at the Limerick livestock market was vibrant, with farmers and buyers engaging in lively transactions. While the trade for some categories faced a more reserved response, the event showcased the resilience of the agricultural community in Limerick. The fair served as a testament to the integral role such markets play in facilitating transactions and fostering connections within the local farming industry.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 11 September 1912

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