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Tension Escalates in Limerick as Police Respond to Disturbances with Baton Charge |

Tension Escalates in Limerick as Police Respond to Disturbances with Baton Charge

Limerick, Ireland – In an unexpected turn of events, the streets of Limerick were marred by renewed disturbances on Friday night, prompting a robust response from the police, including a baton charge. The city, which had hoped for a respite from the previous night’s turmoil, found itself grappling with escalating tensions once again.

A significant contingent of constabulary, bolstered by additional forces, patrolled the streets under the command of County Inspector Yates. The night took a turbulent turn between eight and nine o’clock when groups of youths gathered, armed with stones, targeting shop windows along George Street. Several establishments fell victim to their vandalism, setting a disconcerting tone for the evening.

The situation took a more serious turn when the mob descended upon the news shop of Mr Hutchinson on Cecil Street, breaking windows and looting the premises. The arrival of the police on the scene marked a shift in dynamics, with officers resorting to a baton charge to disperse the unruly crowd. Eyewitnesses reported that the police action was not targeted, leading to indiscriminate batoning of individuals in the vicinity.

In a bid to evade the police, some members of the unruly group sought refuge in the Post Office, turning the city’s central hub into a temporary refuge. The authorities, determined to regain control, initiated a general baton charge down George Street, dispersing the public in all directions.

The Arch Confraternity, a local religious institution, expressed its displeasure and dissatisfaction with the previous night’s events. Father Mangan, the Spiritual Director, addressed the congregation, attributing the disruptive acts to a group of boys rumoured to be planning a repeat performance on Friday night. Father Mangan urged members of the community to take collective action to prevent the recurrence of such behaviour.

The incidents have raised concerns within the community about the effectiveness of law enforcement and the need for proactive measures to maintain public order. Local businesses, particularly those affected by the vandalism, are grappling with the aftermath of the disturbances.

Authorities are now faced with the challenging task of addressing the root causes of the unrest and implementing measures to prevent further incidents. The people of Limerick remain on edge as they await decisive action and solutions to quell the rising tensions that have gripped their city in recent nights.

Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 12 October 1912

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