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Exciting Prospects for Limerick as Synthetic Products Company Explores Industrial Project |

Exciting Prospects for Limerick as Synthetic Products Company Explores Industrial Project

In a significant development for Limerick, the city’s Harbour Board received a letter from the Synthetic Products Company, London, expressing interest in establishing a substantial industrial project in the region. The announcement was made during a session chaired by the Mayor, where the board discussed the company’s inquiry.

According to the letter, the Synthetic Products Company is actively seeking a site for the construction of expansive facilities, estimating that an area ranging from ten to twenty acres would be required for their project. A key criterion for the preferred location is immediate adjacency to a deep-water wharf capable of accommodating ships with substantial tonnage.

During the meeting, the Mayor sought clarification from the Secretary of the Board regarding the potential availability of a suitable site meeting the specified criteria in Limerick. However, the Secretary expressed uncertainty about the nature of the business for which the site was sought, emphasizing that more information was needed.

Mr Morley, a participant in the discussion, highlighted the potential economic benefits that could accrue to the port if the Synthetic Products Company chose Limerick as the site for their industrial venture. The prospect of additional revenue and economic growth prompted a positive reception among the board members.

Responding to the situation, Mr Halliday proposed a strategic move by suggesting that the board inform the Synthetic Products Company of available land near the docks owned by the Corporation. This proposition aligns with the city’s efforts to attract and facilitate industrial projects that can contribute to the local economy.

The decision to actively engage with the Synthetic Products Company reflects the city’s commitment to fostering economic development and attracting investments that can bring tangible benefits to Limerick and its residents. The potential establishment of a large-scale industrial project holds the promise of job creation, increased economic activity, and enhanced revenue streams for the region.

While the specific nature of the Synthetic Products Company’s project remains undisclosed, the news has sparked optimism among local officials and residents alike. The exploration of Limerick as a potential site for the company’s operations underscores the city’s growing appeal as a strategic location for industrial endeavours.

As the city awaits further details and negotiations with the Synthetic Products Company unfold, the potential collabouration stands as a testament to Limerick’s resilience and attractiveness on the industrial landscape. The coming weeks and months will likely witness increased discussions and assessments as both parties work towards a mutually beneficial agreement, paving the way for a new chapter in Limerick’s economic landscape.

Dublin Daily Express – Tuesday 19 November 1912

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