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Limerick Teachers Rally Against Board's Decision, Advocating Strike for Inquiry |

Limerick Teachers Rally Against Board’s Decision, Advocating Strike for Inquiry

In a swift and resolute response to the controversial dismissal of Mr Mansfield, a revered educator, by the Education Board, Limerick’s teaching community is contemplating a strike. The motion, spearheaded by Sir Denis Kelly, Chairman of the Board, was met with fierce opposition as teachers and local councils voiced their discontent.

The crux of the matter revolves around Mr Mansfield’s dismissal and the alleged refusal of the Education Board to conduct an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding it. This has ignited a wave of anger among the public, prompting discussions about the need for teachers to take collective action.

Sir Denis Kelly, leading the charge against the Board’s decision, asserted that the only viable course of action for teachers is to turn their keys in their classrooms and embark on a strike until a proper inquiry is initiated. He emphasized the astonishment felt across the country at the Board’s refusal to pursue an investigation into the Mansfield case.

The sentiment echoed by Sir Denis Kelly resonates with the Athlone Guardians, who also passed a similar resolution, aligning themselves with the growing discontent among educators.

Over the weekend, the Limerick County Council took a decisive step by appointing a delegation, led by Chairman Lord Moly, to attend a special meeting with teachers in Limerick City. The focus of this meeting is to deliberate on Mr Mansfield’s dismissal and assess whether a united front is necessary to address the broader issues surrounding Irish Primary education.

The move by the Limerick County Council has sparked discussions about the potential impact on Irish Primary education and whether it would be in the best interest of the nation to handle these issues through the council, particularly concerning Technical education.

However, not everyone is in agreement with this approach. Some argue that the deputation’s formation should not be misinterpreted as an endorsement of the council’s intervention. The Council made it clear that any decisions reached during the teachers’ meeting would be independent of the Council’s stance.

Prominent figures, including Mr U. Sheehy, MP.., have condemned the Education Board’s actions, describing it as a “greater set of bureaucratic injustice.” Mr Sheehy expressed his support for the Trim Guardians’ resolution and called for a reassessment of Mr Mansfield’s dismissal.

The Irish Party, through representatives like Mr J. P. Hayden, MP.., pledged to rectify the perceived injustice and support the National Teachers’ cause. Mr Hayden acknowledged the widespread impact of the matter, asserting that it affects not only Mr Mansfield but the entire community of National Teachers in Ireland.

As tensions rise and discussions unfold, the focus remains on the looming decision of the teachers’ meeting in Limerick City. The outcome is anticipated to shape the course of action and potentially set a precedent for addressing similar issues within the Irish education system.

Irish Independent – Monday 04 November 1912

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