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TRAGIC INCIDENT IN LIMERICK: Inquest Reveals Fatal Workplace Accident |

TRAGIC INCIDENT IN LIMERICK: Inquest Reveals Fatal Workplace Accident

Limerick – In a sombre turn of events, an inquest conducted by Mr J. F. Barry, J.P., Coroner, shed light on a fatal workplace accident that claimed the life of 48-year-old Martin Keane, an unmarried employee at the drug and seed warehouse of Messrs. J. and G. Boyd on William Street.

The unfortunate incident occurred on the 19th of this month when Keane was operating a handcart loaded with 6 hundredweight (cwt) of soap. The inquest revealed that the lift suddenly collapsed, propelling Keane into mid-air before he landed on the handle of the handcart. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that the handle had penetrated his right side.

Keane was swiftly transported to Barrington’s Hospital, where medical professionals determined that the wall of his chest had been breached, resulting in a fractured seventh rib. Despite efforts to save him, Keane succumbed to his injuries, marking a tragic end to what seemed like a routine day at work.

Head-Constable McKernan represented the police during the inquest, while Mr P. J. O’Sullivan, solicitor, appeared on behalf of Messrs. J. and G. Boyd.

The jury, after considering the evidence and medical findings, returned a verdict in line with the facts presented. Additionally, they issued a rider recommending that a competent individual be designated to oversee the operation of such lifts in the future. In a collabourative effort with the Coroner’s suggestion, the jury further proposed that any similar accidents be promptly reported.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of workplace safety measures and the need for vigilant supervision, particularly in industries involving heavy equipment and manual labour. As the community mourns the loss of Martin Keane, discussions on reinforcing safety protocols in workplaces across Limerick may gain renewed attention.

The city and its residents grapple with the aftermath of this tragic accident, emphasizing the significance of collective efforts to prevent such incidents and ensure the well-being of workers in Limerick’s diverse industries.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 04 January 1913

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