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The ongoing battle against the proliferation of unclean papers in Ireland is set to intensify, with renewed efforts by various Lenten groups across the country. Leading the charge is the Limerick Vigilance Committee, the pioneers in publicly denouncing and disposing of unsanitary publications. Their latest initiative, the Good Literature Barrow, has become a fixture in Limerick and is gaining traction as a symbol of the campaign’s progress.

The Limerick Vigilance Committee has taken the fight against dirty papers a step further by launching a prize scheme connected to the Good Literature Barrow. Purchasers of papers and books from this initiative will receive coupons for every penny spent, allowing them to enter a weekly draw for enticing prizes. The prizes include 2s. in cash for the first prize, papers or books worth 1s. for the second prize, and papers or books valued at 6d. for the third prize. The draw will take place each week, with winning coupons announced the following Sunday at the Barrow locations.

Operating outside the Augustinian Church from 9 o’clock to 11.15 and the Franciscan Church from 11.20 to 2 o’clock every Sunday, the Good Literature Barrow is expected to garner increased support through this innovative prize scheme. The Vigilance Committee believes that this approach will not only enhance the popularity of the Barrow but also inspire other centres to adopt similar strategies.

The success story of the Queenstown Barrow, initiated by a humble yet determined individual, serves as an encouraging example. Similarly, the Waterford Vigilance Committee, previously criticized for its inactivity, has shown signs of revival with a recent meeting indicating a resumption of their efforts. Though Kilkenny’s stance remains unclear, reports from Dublin reveal ongoing and significant work against unclean literature, including the prosecution of two young individuals involved in distributing Vigilance leaflets.

The proactive measures taken by the Limerick Vigilance Committee and the growing success of the Good Literature Barrow underscore the broader significance of the campaign. It is not merely about combating unclean papers but fostering a cultural shift towards responsible literature consumption. As other centres potentially follow Limerick’s lead, the campaign could gain momentum, contributing to a cleaner and more conscientious reading culture across Ireland.

In conclusion, the Limerick Vigilance Committee’s commitment to the cause is evident through their multifaceted approach, combining public awareness, action against unclean papers, and innovative initiatives like the Good Literature Barrow. As the campaign gains traction, it holds the promise of transforming not only reading habits in Limerick but potentially inspiring similar efforts nationwide.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 08 February 1913

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