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Tragedy Strikes as Accidental Rifle Discharge Claims Life in Limerick |

Tragedy Strikes as Accidental Rifle Discharge Claims Life in Limerick

Limerick – In a sombre turn of events on Tuesday afternoon, Mr James J. D.C., a resident of Hollywood, Adare, met an untimely demise during a routine rabbit shooting outing. The 56-year-old, an accomplished rifleman, ventured out armed with a .38 bore rook rifle. Little did he anticipate that this seemingly ordinary day would end in tragedy.

As Mr Hewson failed to return, a search party was promptly organized to locate him. Despite their efforts, the initial search yielded no results. Determined to find their missing companion, Mr Henry O. Hewson, the brother of the deceased, along with other concerned individuals, resumed the search the following morning.

Their diligent efforts eventually led them to a heartbreaking discovery. Mr James J. D.C. was found near a boundary wall, and it became apparent that the fatal incident occurred while he was in the process of crossing it. The investigation revealed that the .38 bore rook rifle had accidentally discharged, with the bullet entering through the left ear and exiting through the top of his head.

It is theorized that the rifle struck the wall, triggering the discharge and resulting in the tragic loss of life. The circumstances surrounding the incident have left the community in shock and mourning. Mr Hewson, a bachelor, was a seasoned rifleman with a noteworthy background. He spent approximately eighteen years in Canada, where he achieved recognition by earning numerous gold medals for his exceptional skills in rifle shooting.

A son of the late Mr George M. Hewson, M.A., T.C.D., F.L.S.A., a distinguished antiquary, the deceased was well-regarded for his expertise in handling firearms. The community expresses deep regret over the sad and unexpected turn of events that brought a promising life to a premature end.

The news of this tragic incident has cast a shadow over the otherwise peaceful town of Limerick, where residents are grappling with the shock of losing one of their own. As investigations continue into the circumstances of the accidental discharge, the community comes together to offer condolences and support to the Hewson family during this difficult time.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 26 February 1913

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