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LIMERICK, Friday. The Board of Trade has appointed Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Mosley K.C.B., F.R.S., to head a Limerick inquiry into proposals for the lifting of the existing swivel bridge leading to the proposed extension of the Limerick Harbour Commission. The investigation aims to address the potential obstruction posed by the current structure, which is considered likely to significantly impede the flow of vessels in and out of the port.

The meeting of the Limerick Corporation last night revealed the concerns surrounding the proposed bridge. Present at the meeting were the Corporation’s President, Mr T. Lynch, and Mr John Dundee. Discussions centred on the impact the bridge might have on the vital interests of the city, posing a potential obstacle to maritime traffic. Alderman Joyce, MP.., noted for his comprehensive knowledge of the bridge matter, was also present at the inquiry to provide valuable insights.

Alderman Joyce’s extensive understanding of the intricacies surrounding the bridge issue has positioned him as a crucial figure in the ongoing discussions. It is anticipated that his participation in the inquiry will lend valuable perspectives to the evaluation process. In fact, Alderman Joyce is considered by many as the individual most informed about the bridge within the city, further emphasizing the importance of his involvement in the investigation.

The proposal arose during the Corporation’s meeting, with Alderman T. Lynch and Mr John Dundee expressing unanimous concern about the potential adverse effects the proposed bridge might have on the city’s maritime activities. Councillor Green, in supporting the proposal, highlighted the absolute necessity of ensuring that the inquiry is conducted with utmost thoroughness and objectivity.

Amidst the deliberations, a noteworthy suggestion was put forth that Mr John Redmond should be approached to allow the city member to attend and present evidence at the inquiry. This proposal received a seconding from Councillor Green, and the motion was passed unanimously.

It is imperative to note that letters of objection from concerned citizens and the Board of Trade were duly considered during the meeting. Objections primarily centred around the perceived high cost associated with the proposed bridge and potential disruptions to the existing infrastructure.

The stage is now set for the inquiry led by Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Mosley, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the investigation. As the inquiry progresses, the city of Limerick awaits the findings that will undoubtedly shape the future of its maritime landscape.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 08 March 1913

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