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Irish Literary Society Marks 21st Year with Positive Report and Limerick Excursion Plans |

Irish Literary Society Marks 21st Year with Positive Report and Limerick Excursion Plans

The annual meeting of the Irish Literary Society convened last night at the distinguished setting of 20 Hanover Square, with Alfred Percival Graves, the President, presiding over the gathering. The event marked the 21st year of the society’s existence, and the occasion was punctuated by a satisfactory report showcasing an increase in membership and the society’s financial stability.

Elected to lead the society for the upcoming term are Mr A. P. Graves as President, Dr Sophie Bryant, and Mr T. W. Rolleston as Vice-Presidents, Mr C. R. Cooke-Taylor as Honorary Secretary, Mr H. Skrine as Honorary Treasurer, and Mr E. W. Lynam as Honorary Librarian. The newly appointed officers are poised to guide the society in its literary and cultural endeavours for the coming year.

An exciting prospect awaits society members with the announcement of plans for the annual excursion to Ireland at Whitsuntide. The chosen destination for this year’s cultural exploration is the vibrant city of Limerick and its neighbouring areas. This annual tradition offers members a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Ireland, fostering a deeper appreciation for the literary heritage that the society cherishes.

As the society looks forward to the upcoming excursion, there is palpable enthusiasm among members to explore Limerick’s historical sites, cultural landmarks, and literary significance. The planning for the trip is underway, ensuring a well-organized and enriching experience for all participants.

As the Irish Literary Society embarks on another year of literary exploration and cultural appreciation, the prospect of the Limerick excursion adds an exciting chapter to its storied history. Members eagerly await the chance to delve into the heart of Ireland’s literary legacy during the upcoming Whitsuntide excursion.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 01 April 1913

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