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Limerick Memorial Unveiling to Honour Late Mr William Lundon, MP.. |

Limerick Memorial Unveiling to Honour Late Mr William Lundon, MP..

In a tribute to the late Mr William Lundon, MP.., a memorial has been crafted at Mr Sharp’s sculpture works on Great Brunswick Street in Dublin. The endeavour is a joint effort by Nationalists from East Limerick and well-wishers from various regions, aiming to commemorate Mr Lundon’s legacy in the town of Keleely, County Limerick.

The memorial, which is set to be unveiled in the coming months, features a life-sized figure of Erin, symbolizing Ireland, with a harp gracefully resting on a polished limestone plinth and steps. A notable feature is the inclusion of a finely executed bust of Mr Lundon, seamlessly inset into one facet of the plinth. The thoughtful design reflects the significance of his contributions, both locally and nationally.

The sculpture has been meticulously crafted at Mr Sharp’s renowned workshop, known for its dedication to precision and artistic finesse. The attention to detail in both the figure of Erin and Mr Lundon’s bust exemplifies the commitment to creating a fitting tribute to the late parliamentarian.

The memorial’s intended location at Keleely, County Limerick, holds special significance, as it was Mr Lundon’s constituency, and the unveiling is poised to be a public event of considerable importance. The memorial’s completion is anticipated within the next two months, aligning with the timeline for the unveiling ceremony.

The occasion is not merely an artistic gesture but a heartfelt homage to Mr Lundon, whose contributions to the community and the political landscape left a lasting impact. The choice of the anniversary of Mr Lundon’s death for the unveiling adds a poignant layer to the event, turning it into a moment of reflection and remembrance.

The memorial project has garnered support not only from the local community in Keleely but also from well-wishers across Ireland. It exemplifies the unity and shared appreciation for Mr Lundon’s service and dedication to the betterment of his constituency and the nation as a whole.

As the details of the memorial unfold, it is expected to become a focal point for both locals and visitors, serving as a tangible reminder of Mr Lundon’s enduring influence on the political and social fabric of Limerick. The symbolism embedded in Erin’s figure and the inclusion of the harp underscore the deep-rooted connection to Irish identity, making the memorial not just a work of art but a representation of the values Mr Lundon championed throughout his political career.

In conclusion, the upcoming unveiling of the Limerick memorial to Mr William Lundon, MP.., stands as a poignant testament to the respect and admiration he garnered during his lifetime. The artistic expression encapsulates the spirit of unity and remembrance, ensuring that his legacy continues to resonate with the people of Limerick and Ireland as a whole.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Tuesday 01 April 1913

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