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Limerick Agricultural Labourer Faces Charges in Calf Slaughter and Hide Theft Case |

Limerick Agricultural Labourer Faces Charges in Calf Slaughter and Hide Theft Case

In a recent court appearance at Sixmilebridge Magistrates Court, an agricultural labourer named Daniel Ryan faced charges related to the slaughter of a number of calves and the subsequent theft of their hides, which were reportedly the property of local farmers.

The case unfolded as the prosecution presented evidence to the court, alleging that the animals were discovered with their skulls fractured and lying skinned in the fields of Parteen. The charges brought against Daniel Ryan raised concerns within the local community, shedding light on the disturbing incidents that took place.

The court proceedings revealed that Daniel Ryan stood accused of both the brutal slaughter of the calves and the theft of their hides, crimes that have prompted outrage among the farming community in the Limerick region. The evidence tendered by the police underscored the severity of the alleged offences, painting a grim picture of the discovered scene.

The charges against Ryan are based on the assertion that he was involved in the intentional killing of the calves, leaving them with fractured skulls. The prosecution contended that the act of slaying the animals was followed by the illicit removal of their hides, which were identified as the rightful property of local farmers in the Parteen area.

As the court examined the evidence, the details surrounding the discovery of the slaughtered calves raised questions about the motive behind such a gruesome act. The animals were reportedly found in the fields of Parteen, with their hides forcibly removed, leaving a stark and unsettling scene for the local farmers who discovered the aftermath.

The identity of the affected farmers was not disclosed during the court proceedings, and the prosecution focused on building a case against Daniel Ryan. The accused agricultural labourer appeared before the magistrates to answer to the charges brought against him, with the court meticulously examining the evidence presented by the police.

Local authorities have expressed concern over the impact of such incidents on the farming community, highlighting the economic and emotional toll it can take on those involved in agriculture. The court’s decision on this case will undoubtedly carry significant weight within the region, influencing perceptions and reactions to the alleged crimes.

In response to the charges, there has been a noticeable increase in vigilance among local farmers, who are now taking extra precautions to safeguard their livestock. The Limerick agricultural community is known for its resilience, and incidents such as these serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by those who depend on farming for their livelihoods.

The court proceedings will continue as the case against Daniel Ryan unfolds, and the community awaits the outcome with a mixture of concern and curiosity. The alleged slaughter of calves and theft of hides has left a lasting impact on the local residents, prompting discussions about the need for increased security measures and awareness within the agricultural sector in the Limerick region.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 21 May 1913

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