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Limerick Mourns the Loss of Respected Journalist, John F. MacNamara |

Limerick Mourns the Loss of Respected Journalist, John F. MacNamara

In a sombre turn of events, the city of Limerick and the wider journalistic community mourn the passing of Mr John F. MacNamara, a seasoned journalist with a career spanning several prominent publications. Mr MacNamara’s death occurred yesterday morning at Crooksling Sanatorium, where he had been receiving treatment.

Born approximately 40 years ago in Limerick, John F. MacNamara began his journalistic journey at an early age, affiliating himself with the esteemed “Freeman’s Journal.” His dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, leading him to join the inaugural staff of the “Irish Daily Independent,” where he took on the role of London sub-editor. His versatility and skills in the field were further showcased during his tenure as sub-editor of the “Evening Herald,” a position he held for several years.

Despite a brief stint in Cork, Mr MacNamara found himself returning to Dublin, particularly to fill a vacancy on the sub-editorial team of the “Freeman’s Journal.” His commitment to his craft persisted until approximately seven weeks ago, when he regrettably had to retire due to declining health.

During his time at Crooksling Sanatorium, Mr MacNamara received attentive care from the medical staff, including Dr O’Donnell, the visiting physician, and Dr A. J. Blake, the resident physician. Despite their efforts, his health continued to deteriorate, leaving his friends, colleagues, and family in sorrow.

Known for his quiet disposition, John F. MacNamara was a figure of kindness, especially towards those facing difficulties. His legacy extends beyond his professional accomplishments, encompassing the genuine compassion he extended to others. His father, Mr J. P. MacNamara, a respected merchant on William Street, Limerick, along with other relatives, now grapple with the profound loss, receiving condolences from a wide circle of friends.

The news of Mr MacNamara’s death has resonated not only in Limerick but also in Dublin, Cork, and beyond, where he had established lasting connections throughout his distinguished career. Colleagues and friends remember him not only for his journalistic contributions but also for the warmth of his character.

As Limerick pauses to reflect on the life and contributions of John F. MacNamara, the journalistic community acknowledges the void left by his passing. His memory will undoubtedly endure, serving as a reminder of the mark he left on Irish journalism and the lives he touched throughout his career.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Monday 26 May 1913

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