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Limerick Mourns the Passing of Prominent Journalist, John Francis McNamara |

Limerick Mourns the Passing of Prominent Journalist, John Francis McNamara

Limerick, renowned for its historic charm and vibrant community, is shrouded in a sombre atmosphere as news of the untimely demise of esteemed journalist John Francis McNamara circulates. The city, known for its poetic grace, now echoes with expressions of sympathy and condolences for the grieving family.

Mr McNamara, a distinguished member of the Council and an erstwhile contributor to prominent publications such as the ‘Freemen,’ met his unfortunate end after succumbing to a fatal illness. The sad duty of conveying condolences fell upon Mr Griffin, who, with a heavy heart, expressed the collective sympathy of the community for the bereaved family.

Mayor P. O’Donovan presiding over the proceedings, solemnly announced the melancholic news during the last mowing of the Limerick Cor. A resolution, extending condolences to Mr Joe P. McNamara, the grieving father, was proposed and unanimously carried. The Mayor, in a display of solidarity with the bereaved family, directed the Town Clerk to transmit a copy of the resolution to Mr McNamara, acknowledging the loss of his son.

John Francis McNamara, in addition to his role as a devoted family member, was a luminary in the field of journalism. His contributions to the Dublin Press marked him as a brilliant writer, and his work in both the metropolis and his native Limerick earned him widespread acclaim.

The Mayor, while delivering the resolution, acknowledged the late Mr McNamara’s achievements and the regrettable circumstances surrounding his early departure from this world. The entire city, mourning the loss of a talent gone too soon, remains united in grief over the passing of this remarkable individual.

The Limerick correspondent for the “Evening Telegraph” added depth to the narrative, noting McNamara’s significant role as a journalist. McNamara, who began his journalistic journey as a correspondent for the ‘Freemen,’ later moved on to contribute to other publications, including the ‘Independent’ and the ‘Herald.’ His active involvement in the Amnesty Association showcased his commitment to social causes, further highlighting his multifaceted contributions to society.

The correspondent expressed deep regret in reporting McNamara’s death, attributing it to a fatal illness that claimed him after a brief period of suffering. McNamara’s journalistic prowess, coupled with his involvement in social and civic matters, left an indelible mark on the city and the wider community.

The demise of John Francis McNamara resonates not only within the journalistic circles of Limerick but also within the larger community, where his absence will be keenly felt. As Limerick bids farewell to one of its own, the city stands united in extending sympathy and support to the grieving McNamara family during this difficult time.

Freeman’s Journal – Monday 02 June 1913

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