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Limerick Cathedral Celebrates Organ Dedication Ceremony |

Limerick Cathedral Celebrates Organ Dedication Ceremony

In a special service held on Tuesday afternoon at Limerick Cathedral, the recently renovated and enlarged organ was dedicated by the Bishop of Limerick and Ardfert, in the presence of a sizable congregation. The ceremony marked the culmination of efforts initiated last year when representatives from the diocese gathered under the leadership of the Bishop to secure funds for what essentially became a new instrument.

Substantial contributions were made during the meeting, with Mr Andrew playing a significant role by supporting half of the total cost. However, as enhancements were incorporated into the original specifications, the overall expenditure increased to a sum of £800. The masterful construction of the organ was undertaken by Mr E. H. Lawton from Aberdeen, employing state-of-the-art principles. The instrument operates using compressed air, with a five-horsepower motor facilitating control and operation.

Featuring four rows of keys, including a solo organ, the organ boasts an impressive array of 59 stops and various composition and control movements. A notable innovation includes three vertical key switches designed to automatically reverse an equal number or more of crucial couplers. The organ, with its extensive compass, is meticulously voiced to produce a harmonious and majestic effect across its various qualities.

The dedication service showcased the musical prowess of the Cathedral’s augmented choir, delivering two anthems: “How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Fair” by Spohr and Beethoven’s “Hallelujah.” Mr F. Muspratt, the individual behind the specification from which the instrument was constructed, skillfully presided over the organ.

The prayers during the ceremony were intoned by the Precentor, Rev. R. A. Adderley, and the Succentor, Rev. T. Abbott, B.D. The Dean of Limerick read the lesson, and the distinguished Bishop of Killaloe served as the special preacher for the occasion.

The dedication ceremony not only marked the official unveiling of the meticulously renovated and expanded organ but also symbolized the collabourative effort of the community and the diocese in preserving and enhancing the musical heritage of Limerick Cathedral. The event drew a diverse congregation, reflecting the significance of the occasion for both the religious and wider community in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Wednesday 02 July 1913

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