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Limerick Lace Industry Faces Fraudulent Threats, Sparks Urgent Calls for Vigilance |

Limerick Lace Industry Faces Fraudulent Threats, Sparks Urgent Calls for Vigilance

The recent gathering of the Women’s Committee of the Cork Industrial Development Association unveiled concerning revelations about fraudulent activities within the Limerick lace industry. The upcoming All-Ireland Industrial Conference, scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of October in Limerick, provided a platform for extensive discussions surrounding these deceptive practices, both domestically and internationally.

A Dublin correspondent played a pivotal role in drawing attention to the unscrupulous dealings in the Limerick lace market. The shocking disclosure pointed towards a representative of an Austrian firm who was caught selling lace falsely claimed to be of Limerick origin. The correspondent underscored the significant financial losses resulting from these fraudulent transactions, noting that substantial sums of money were being paid, even within Ireland, for lace believed by purchasers to be genuinely Limerick. This revelation prompted a collective call for heightened vigilance to protect Limerick manufacturing, ensuring that the diligent efforts of Limerick workers are duly acknowledged and rewarded.

In response to these concerns, a proposal emerged during the meeting: the appointment of expert salesmen-travellers. These individuals would assume the crucial role of inspecting and reporting on deceptive practices that compromise the authenticity of Limerick lace. The committee, recognizing the importance of a collabourative effort, extended an invitation for input from all stakeholders interested in the matter. Moreover, there was a specific call to report instances of fraudulent trading in Limerick lace, underlining the commitment to rooting out such practices.

The urgency of addressing this issue is underscored by the financial impact highlighted during the meeting. The revelation that an Austrian firm was successfully selling lace falsely presented as Limerick emphasized the economic ramifications of these fraudulent activities. With Ireland having unnecessarily imported over £30,000,000 worth of foreign goods in 1912, the imperative to protect and promote Limerick-made products is more apparent than ever.

As Limerick prepares to host the All-Ireland Industrial Conference, the focus on fraudulent activities in the Limerick lace industry serves as a timely reminder of the challenges facing local industries. The proposed measures, including the deployment of expert salesmen-travellers and the collabourative efforts of all stakeholders, reflect a commitment to preserving the authenticity of Limerick products and securing the economic well-being of the local workforce.

In conclusion, the revelations from the Women’s Committee meeting underscore the need for immediate action to combat fraudulent activities within the Limerick lace industry. The All-Ireland Industrial Conference in Limerick is poised to be a pivotal moment for addressing these challenges and implementing measures that will safeguard the reputation and economic contributions of Limerick craftsmanship.

Weekly Freeman’s Journal – Saturday 27 September 1913

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