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Limerick Mourns: Meany Memorial Takes Shape at Mount St. Laurence |

Limerick Mourns: Meany Memorial Takes Shape at Mount St. Laurence

In a bid to pay homage to the late Mr David Meany, a revered figure in Limerick Nationalist circles, steps have been initiated to construct a fitting memorial at Mount St. Laurence, where he rests following his passing ten weeks ago.

Mr Meany, remembered as a sterling young force in Limerick’s community, dedicated his life and literary prowess to the Irish cause. Recognizing his significant contributions, a committee has embarked on the commendable task of erecting a monument over his final resting place. The initiative has struck a chord with the citizens of Limerick, with substantial contributions pouring in from various quarters.

The proposal to establish a memorial at Mount St. Laurence has gained momentum, with the committee overseeing the project expressing confidence in garnering the support it rightfully deserves. The generous response received thus far underscores the widespread acknowledgment of Mr Meany’s impact on the community.

Prominent figures in Limerick have stepped forward to contribute to this noble cause, signalling a united effort to honour the memory of the late Nationalist. The Gaelic League and the G.A.A. have pledged their support, promising to assist in every possible way to ensure that the memorial is a fitting tribute to Mr Meany’s life and literary accomplishments.

The late Mr Meany’s legacy has evidently left an indelible mark on the community, as evidenced by the outpouring of support for the memorial project. The committee, buoyed by the positive response, is actively engaging with various stakeholders to ensure that the monument reflects the essence of Mr Meany’s contributions to Limerick and the broader Irish context.

While the memorial is still in its early stages, the committee remains committed to transparency and has promised to keep the public informed about the progress of the project. The involvement of the Gaelic League and the G.A.A. adds a cultural and sporting dimension to the initiative, highlighting the diverse aspects of Mr Meany’s influence.

As the fundraising efforts continue, the committee is exploring various design options for the monument, considering proposals that encapsulate the spirit of Mr Meany’s commitment to Irish values. The process is expected to involve consultations with the community to ensure that the memorial resonates with the sentiments of the people it aims to represent.

Mount St. Laurence, already a place of significance in Limerick’s history, is set to become an even more poignant site with the addition of the Meany memorial. The committee’s dedication to the case reflects the deep respect and admiration that Mr Meany commanded during his time as a Limerick Nationalist.

In conclusion, the Meany Memorial project stands as a testament to the enduring impact of individuals who dedicate their lives to community, culture, and literature. As Limerick comes together to honour one of its own, the monument at Mount St. Laurence is poised to become a lasting symbol of remembrance for generations to come.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 30 August 1913

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