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Limerick's Vibrant Social Scene Shines at A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival |

Limerick’s Vibrant Social Scene Shines at A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival

Limerick, Saturday – The A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival took centre stage this week, marking a significant highlight in the city’s social calendar. The well-attended event, held at the A.B.C. Club premises, was a resounding success, with organizers receiving accolades for their meticulous planning and execution.

The carnival, which unfolded in the enchanting ambiance of the A.B.C. Club, drew a sizable crowd eager to partake in the festivities. The committee in charge of the affair orchestrated a seamless experience, earning well-deserved congratulations on their efforts. From the illuminated entrance to the end of the long promenade, the venue was adorned with tasteful decorations, reflecting the committee’s keen eye for creating a festive atmosphere.

The A.B.C. Club, known for its ability to transform its premises into a delightful haven on special occasions, lived up to its reputation. Despite the considerable turnout, attendees found ample room to stretch their legs, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. The setting, complete with a picturesque mountain perspective and wooded backdrop along the Abbey River, provided a charming frame for the myriad fairy lights and lanterns adorning the club premises.

The musical backdrop for the carnival was provided by the Boherbuoy No. 1 National Brass and Reed Band, skilfully conducted by Mr Monne. Their performance added a delightful auditory dimension to the evening. For those inclined to dance, piano and violin music by the talented duo, Messrs. O’Connor and Bernard, kept the atmosphere lively throughout the event.

The A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival offered more than just musical entertainment. Attendees enjoyed a variety of activities, ensuring there was always something “on the go” for several hours. The organizers thoughtfully provided twenty free weekend tickets to Kilkee, distributed through a coupon system based on the Art Union principle. The selection process was fair, and the recipients, two young city ladies, were decided as the fortunate winners.

The success of the A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival underscores the vibrant social scene in Limerick. The city’s residents and visitors alike were treated to a memorable evening of music, dance, and entertainment against the enchanting backdrop of the A.B.C. Club. As the festivities concluded, attendees left with smiles, undoubtedly looking forward to the next occasion when Limerick’s social scene takes centre stage.

In true Limerick fashion, the A.B.C. Aquatic Carnival showcased the city’s ability to host remarkable events that bring the community together. As the lights dimmed on the carnival, the echoes of laughter and the melodies of the Boherbuoy No. 1 National Brass and Reed Band lingered in the air, a testament to the enduring spirit of celebration in the heart of Limerick.

Evening Herald (Dublin) – Saturday 02 August 1913

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