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Making News This Week In Limerick |

Making News This Week In Limerick

LIMERICK – In a recent meeting of the City Soccer League held at the City Hall yesterday, a milestone decision was reached to welcome representatives not only from Limerick but also from Clare, Kerry, Tipperary, and Waterford. Mr Muldoon, a prominent member, expressed optimism, stating that the inclusive approach would further strengthen the ties among regional soccer enthusiasts.

Additionally, a special meeting was announced for the Limerick Branch of the Hurling Association at 17 Thomas Street on Friday at 8 p.m. Attendees will nominate office bearers for the upcoming year, with elections scheduled for the following Sunday at the City Hall.

In a surprising turn of events, the proposal for the Fixed Swing Bridge faced a new twist at the Harbour Board meeting on Monday. Contrary to expectations, the Chair of the Road Board will not be travelling to London, and instead, the decision on the proposed grant for the Swing Bridge will be made locally. This development adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing discussions regarding the infrastructure project.

The recent publication of Mr Drury’s report on the Gas Committee Inquiry has stirred interest and curiosity. The report, which initially appeared in one local paper with partial information, is now circulating in a more comprehensive form in another publication. The dynamics surrounding the release of this report continue to raise questions within the community.

Election season in Limerick has been eventful, with numerous candidates facing objections, primarily related to unpaid rates or landlord issues. However, a notable development occurred on Monday when a substantial number of objections in the Castleconnell Division were invalidated due to non-compliance by the objectors. The political landscape is undoubtedly taking unexpected turns.

The Greenpark races, originally postponed due to adverse weather conditions, are now rescheduled for the 21st of this month. With enthusiastic participation expected, the autumn races are anticipated to be a significant success, contributing to funds for the Children’s Ward at St. John’s Hospital.

In the realm of aviation, breathtaking aerial photographs of Limerick taken from an aeroplane by Mr R. Kilbane, a local photographer on O’Connell Street, are on display outside his studio. These images offer a unique perspective of the city and have attracted considerable attention from passers-by.

A local paper recently caught the eye with a headline reading “Accident to an airman: Collision with a milk car.” Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the incident involved a motor lorry colliding with a mundane milk cart, dispelling any notions of airborne milk cars or interplanetary mishaps.

In cultural affairs, the October Meeting over the Greenpark racecourse promises excitement this year. Despite initial challenges, the entries for various events have surpassed expectations, and a lively atmosphere is anticipated on Thursday and Friday.

Turning attention to social matters, a heated debate arose at the Limerick No. 1 Clerical District Council regarding the wages of labourers. The Local Government Board’s acknowledgment of the Council’s failure to impose income restrictions fuelled the discussion, highlighting ongoing concerns about fair compensation for workers.

The city’s social scene is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming charity event at Bruff Hall, featuring a fashion show and dance. The event aims to raise funds for the St. John’s Hospital, a local institution, and promises an enjoyable evening for a good cause.

As Limerick continues to navigate through the diverse facets of its civic life, the city remains a hub of activity, embracing change and adaptation while preserving its rich cultural heritage.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 20 September 1913

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