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Limerick, Ireland – In a bid to extend a warm welcome to Mr J. E. Redmond and his colleagues, the Limerick Demonstration Committee convened at the Town Hall, presided over by the Mayor. The meeting, attended by representatives from various influential entities across Munster, saw discussions and plans unfold to ensure a grand reception for the distinguished visitors.

A multitude of letters pledging support for the upcoming event were read aloud during the meeting. These missives hailed from diverse sectors, reflecting the broad spectrum of backing Mr Redmond and his associates have garnered in the region. The promises of support set the tone for a significant gathering that is poised to make the reception a memorable affair.

The Mayor revealed that the esteemed guests, Messrs. Redmond and Dillon, are scheduled to arrive in Limerick in the evening preceding the demonstration. This early arrival aims to afford the visitors an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the surroundings and engage with the local community ahead of the main event.

In a bid to ensure a robust turnout, invitations were extended to hurling clubs across Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, and surrounding areas. The clubs were encouraged to participate in full regalia, bringing with them the spirit of camaraderie that characterizes these age-old sporting traditions. The inclusion of hurling clubs is expected to add a vibrant and cultural dimension to the demonstration.

To enhance security and protocol during the event, arrangements were set in motion for a mounted bodyguard to accompany the Members of Parliament. This precautionary measure reflects the importance attached to the safety and well-being of the visiting dignitaries, emphasizing the significance of the occasion.

The procession is scheduled to commence from Bank Place, traversing through the heart of Limerick before culminating at Limerick Market. The chosen route is strategically planned to showcase the city’s landmarks and provide an opportunity for the public to engage with the demonstration as it progresses through the bustling streets.

The overarching aim of the Limerick Demonstration is to express solidarity and support for the political figures set to grace the event. The collabouration of various stakeholders, from political representatives to local sporting clubs, underscores the widespread enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding this gathering.

As the preparations for the demonstration intensify, the committee remains focused on ensuring that every detail is meticulously organized. The residents of Limerick and neighbouring regions eagerly anticipate the arrival of Mr J. E. Redmond and his colleagues, eager to extend a warm and spirited welcome reflective of the rich traditions and hospitality for which the region is renowned.

Irish Independent – Wednesday 01 October 1913

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