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In a gathering of solidarity and reflection, Mr Archibald Murray recently presided over a crucial meeting of the Limerick Protestant Aid Society. The air in the room was marked by a blend of sorrow and determination as the Committee took stock of the challenges faced and victories achieved in the preceding year. Notably, the Society mourned the passing of Colonel O’Brien, a respected figure and Dean, who had played a pivotal role in the society’s endeavours.

The committee expressed deep gratitude for the continued medical support provided by Drs. F. Massy, Fogerty, Kennedy, and Myles, in their dedication to the well-being of the society’s residents. The financial report presented was met with both relief and concern. The subscriptions received last year amounted to £155 2s 6d, a slight increase from the previous year’s £140 11s 6d. The funds allocated for outdoor assistance, fuel, and clothing saw a marginal decrease, with last year’s contributions totalling £105 9s, compared to £107 4s in 1912.

A noteworthy highlight was the increased contributions to old-age pensions, totalling £37 4s, surpassing the previous year’s £26. While financial support remained steadfast, the committee emphasized the importance of prudently managing investments. The interest gained from investments showed a notable rise of £14, underscoring the advantages of sound financial planning.

Mr Murray, the meeting’s chairperson, exuded confidence in the society’s ability to weather challenges. He reassured attendees that the Limerick Protestant Aid Society held a special place in the hearts of the Protestant community. As long as the society persevered, there would be ample resources to sustain its noble mission. The sentiment echoed a commitment to the enduring spirit that had kept the society alive through various trials.

A pivotal moment in the meeting was the proposal and subsequent election of the Very Rev. Dean Market as trustee, succeeding the late Dean O’Brien. This choice symbolized a passing of the torch, acknowledging the role played by those who had paved the way for the society’s continued success. The meeting also witnessed changes in the Ladies’ Committee, with Mrs. O’Donoghue and Miss Banbury stepping into leadership roles, succeeding Miss and Miss Walker, who had resigned.

The motion to extend a vote of thanks to Chairman Mr Archibald Murray for his steadfast leadership throughout the meeting resonated with unanimous approval. The attendees, led by Sir Alexander Shaw and Rev. Mr Swain, acknowledged Mr Murray’s dedication to the cause.

As the proceedings drew to a close, the Very Rev. Dean Market offered a closing prayer, emphasizing the importance of unity, resilience, and community spirit in the face of challenges. The meeting left an indelible mark, reflecting not only on the challenges faced but also on the unwavering commitment to the Limerick Protestant Aid Society’s mission.

In its continued pursuit of aiding the vulnerable and underserved, the Limerick Protestant Aid Society stands as a testament to the resilience of community-driven initiatives. As the society navigates the intricate tapestry of financial fluctuations and changing leadership, it remains anchored in the principles that have guided it for generations. The echoes of the meeting reverberate, carrying a message of hope, continuity, and the enduring legacy of a society dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those it serves.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 09 March 1914

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